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Final random inspection

The final random inspection and Loading supervision?

AIM Control’s final random inspection carried out place at the end of production (seller’s vendor, premises, factory). The whole shipment quantity should be finished and available for sampling. Packing should be nearly (at least 80%) done, so that the cartons can be tallied.

AIM Control’s loading supervision carried out after having results of final random inspection as P.O or receiving our client’s approval for loading.  

Who: the purchasers, buyers to final random inspection Orders  and/or loading supervision orders; Performing: AIM Control’s  final random independent inspector, loading independent supervisors

When: before loading, during loading period, when shipment is needing to final random inspection and loading supervision   

Where: seller’s vendors, supplier’s premises, port of export countries, place of loading, anywhere when AIM Control’s needing.  

What: quantity cargo inspection, packing inspection, quantity inspection, loading supervision, sealing witness, report.

Why: Identify a defective goods of shipment to replacement, packing corrected, the goods loaded sufficiency of quantity, loading container is good condition, sealing of container’s doors to prevent loss. Results of quality cargo & packing inspections will be sent our client before loading, results of loading container inspections will be sent AIM Control’s client before container of goods departure.

What is checked during a final random inspection?

Conformity to specs:

All the relevant aspects of the product are controlled: quantity, components, assembly, aesthetics, function, size, labeling, packaging, etc. based on specification of goods, P.O, Client’s requirement, others.

Ideally, the buyer has constituted a document listing all the specifications of the product to inspect, and these specs become the inspector’s checklist. When no such information is provided, the inspector simply collects information for the buyer’s review.

Number of visual defects:

Based on the sampling plan, the inspector selects a predefined number of products at random. He checks them one by one, and counts the number of defects, which are compared to the AQL limits.

On-site tests:

Depending on the type of products, certain tests are included in the inspector’s job. For example: a product drop test on 3 samples, from 80cm high on concrete floor (if at least 1 sample breaks or does not function any more, the test is failed).

See more details at this links of AIM Control's final random inspection

What is supervised during a loading of cargo into container?

Container Loading Inspection / Supervision

The Container Loading Inspection (CLI), Container Loading Survey (CLS)

It’s known also Container Loading Supervision, Container Loading Survey  or Container Loading Check. this inspection will take place right before the vendor / factory / manufacturer load the goods inside the container. This inspection takes place at the factory or at your forwarding party's premises. Email us

What AIM Control checks during a Container Loading Inspection/ Supervision

Quantity check, packing list check, the container conditions, the process of the loading (cartons conditions, filling-up level etc), a quick inspection on selected sampling size to check workmanship, main functions and packaging/ packing of your products.

You should book a standard inspection, such as a Pre-shipment Inspection or During production Inspection to get complete QC checks on product specifications, labelling & marking and cosmetic (AQL) testing.

The added value of the Container Loading Inspection

To ensure that the numbers of boxes are right, the loaded goods are yours, and the products are not damaged because your goods will travel for days or weeks until they reach their destination.

Highlights of this quality control inspection service:

AIM Control’s container loading inspectors provide the status of the container itself

The right goods, no replacement of products possible

The quantity of the boxes is exact

The loading will be done with care (broken goods due to loading is thus limited)

The inspector will call the office immediately if important issues are found to ensure that you have immediate feedback

The container is forwarded to your company

AIM Control puts a seal on the container

Our container loading surveyors and cargo inspectors perform a final check on the products, packing, etc.

When? The Container Loading Survey (CLS)/ Supervision will take place right before the vendor / factory / manufacturer / seller is supposed to load the goods inside the container and also during the loading process.

Where? At the factory or at your forwarder’s premises, ports of departure, export countries

What? The Container Loading Survey (CLS) covers the quantity check, the packing list check, the container conditions, the process of the loading (cartons conditions, filling-up level etc) and also a quick inspection on selected sampling size to check the workmanship, main functions, packaging and packing of your products.

Why? Because you don’t want your goods to be wrongly loaded in a humid container with broken cartons and broken products. your goods are exact specification and P.O your money payment.

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Benefit & Advantages of the container loading survey:

Performing a Container Loading Inspection will allow you to:

Ø       Make sure what is loaded in your container

Ø       Perform a final check on the products, packing etc.

Ø       Keep pressure on your vendor shoulders.

Ø       Show your client(s) you care.

Ø       Save time and secure your business!

Book this quality control inspection

Save time and money and secure your imports with AIM Control’s CLI, while keeping pressure on your vendor to push for continual quality. Goods that are improperly loaded in a humid container with broken cartons and broken products are best avoided

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The followings are evidence of Cargo Container Loading Checked by AIM Control's cargo & loading surveyors/inspectors at seller's vendor/ premises in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 


Anywhere in Vietnam & Global.

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