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Inspection for Loading

Services Inspection for loading and discharging

We provides inspection for loading and discharging to control of all of problem are caused for seller, receiver, shipping carrier and insurance companies.

  • Controlling loading & unloading operations inspections in ports, factories, warehouses, silos, supplier's premises, etc.

  • Weighing inspection/ assessment/ verify and sampling on cargo in silos, warehouses and storage areas as well as ship's holds, Containers.

Place of loading supervision and/or discharging supervision: at supplier’s premise, in factories and manufactories, consignee’s warehouse, in ports, at port’s yards, in ship’s holds, on board of ship, anchorage, and harbors, mineral fields and on site of inspection on global and in Vietnam, Asia, Europe, Africa, America, others.

Times of loading supervision and/or discharging supervision: at the time of pre-shipment, upon loading, loading on board of ship’s holds, container’s stuffing, loading on trucks, during discharging, after and at the time of damage/loss, after importing and others.

AIM Control's loading supervision and/or discharging supervision reports will be immediately sent in result and photos.

Close loading supervision and discharging inspection by AIM Control inspectors ensures that

  • Loading and unloading Supervision/ Inspections to Goods are properly handled during storage, loading, and transport

  •  Discharging Supervision / Loading Inspections on Weight of cargo is correctly ascertained and samples correctly drawn.

  • Loading and unloading Supervision/ Inspections on Quantity of cargo is tally and counted bags by bags, carton by carton, package by package fo doing correctly quantity on delivery and receipt.

  • Loading and unloading Supervision/ Inspections for vessel, ship, containers (pre-shipment inspection), lighters, trucks . . .

  • Loading and unloading Supervision/ Inspections for all kind of cargo, goods, product from in bags to in break or in bulk 

  • Loading and unloading Supervision/ Inspections are carried out at vessel's holds, container, port, warehouse, factory. . .

AIM Control's Cargo tally services to ensure quantity of shipment delivery and receipt during loading and discharging

Why choose services inspection for loading and discharging from AIM Control?

As a world-leader in loading supervisors /unloading supervision, AIM Control Organization offers you a unique global network to ensure your products are handled safely in every corner of the world. These services enable you to:

  • Assure all quality and safety requirements are met
  • Assure all quantity and weight requirements are met
  • Ensure your goods are properly handled and secure, whatever the means of transport
  • Ensure goods are shipped and stored according to good transportation practices
  • Undertake all your requirement to conduct under independent third party inspection with professional surveyors and supervisors
  • Benefit from professional supervision of your products during loading and unloading operations and ensure

Trusted Third Party Inspection Organization from a leading supplier

AIM inspection for loading and discharging services include checking:

  • Handling during all loading and unloading operations
  • The manufacturer’s premises or warehouse during packaging to confirm that goods meet all requirements
  • The general appearance of the cargo and/or packaging
  • Cleanliness of the transport, such as the hold, the railway wagon, cargo plane or ship deck
  • Loading documents
  • Stowing, fastening, wedging and protection measures against natural elements
  • The number of packing cases and their marking against contractual specifications
  • Record of weather, arrival time of container, container No., truck No., vessel, ships
  • Hatch covers, Holds,  Containers condition inspection to assess damage, moisture, perforation, smell test, ventilation check
  • Quantity of goods and condition of outer packaging
  • Random selection of sample cartons to verify actual packaged products
  • Supervise the loading process to minimize breakage and maximize space utilization
  • Seal the container with the customs’ seal and AIM Control’s seal
  • Record the seal Nos. and departure time of containers

Contact us today to find out how our loading/unloading supervision services can ensure that your goods are handled safely and correctly.

  • Vessel's holds Inspection condition supervision before loading;
  • Containers condition inspection supervision before loading;
  • Stowage supervision and control;
  • Visual inspection during loading and/or unloading supervision;
  • Control on reloading of merchandise toward the final destination (trucks and railway wagons);
  • Tally inspections (controlling of correspondence i.e packing lists and possible marking for subdivision in piles of coils, iron billets, slabs, wire rod, plates, etc.);
  • Determination of weight by means of Draft Survey and/or weighing scale and/or automatic scale with use of conveyor belt
  • Samplings according to international standards.
  • Advice on maintenance of cargo integrity
  • Condition inspection
  • Sealing / unsealing
  • Prevention loss/damage to cargo, goods, products
  • Letter protect report to Master, Concerning parties on loss/damage arising
  • Supervisory / overseeing surveys
  • Pre-shipment Inspection/surveys
  • Loading surveys
  • Securing / Lashing surveys
  • Discharge / Out-turn surveys
  • Others

Your benefits:

Reduce the potential risks and prevention of loss or damage.

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