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Inspection of Pre-Purchase Vessel Condition

Inspection of Pre-Purchase Vessel Condition

Inspection of Pre-Purchase Vessel Condition

Inspection of Pre-purchase vessel condition

AIM Control
Pre Purchase Vessel Condition Survey/ Inspection?

For over 30 years AIM Control has been providing "Professional Marine Services" to Vietnam, International area boaters. 

AIM Control offers a "Inspection of Pre-purchase vessel condition" that has saved Vietnam, International area boaters, vessels and ships hundreds of thousands of dollars in pre existing conditions/repairs.

Based on the sellers information, and the appearance of the boat we really did not expect to find anything and were prepared to move forward with the purchase. Although you thought to found the perfect boat to be used AIM Control to perform a pre purchase survey/inspection. After the survey/inspection was completed you were very enlightened at the findings and confronted the seller with the report.


There was several thousand dollars in pre existing needed repairs! After asking the seller some pointed questions you realized the seller was fully aware of these needed repairs but did not disclose the information to you & your company. Needless to say the "Super Nice Seller" was less than honest. You would recommend to anyone considering purchasing a pre owned boat to have a pre purchase survey/inspection, regardless how great the boat looks, and how nice the seller appears.

You are purchasing a pre owned boats, vessels, ships from a dealer. Although the boat was not to expensive You want to have a survey/inspection performed as a precaution, the dealer was not very pleased with your decision. After watching the process You are amazed at the detail and how the surveyor/inspector checked everything on the boat, everything! After reading the report you realized there is much more in repairs than the dealer informed you. In an effort to make the sale the dealer really minimized the cost of needed repairs. The total cost of the repairs was many times the amount the dealer said (in the thousands), it was more than the purchase price of the boat! You saved thousands and did not do business with that dealer.

Before you buy take the time to have a pre purchase survey/inspection completed. We have been providing surveys/inspections for many years and guarantee if there is any pre existing condition we will find it and report it directly to you, the buyer! There are many very nice sellers who are honest, however we also know there are sellers who may not be honest and do not have your best interest in mind.

AIM Control


  • Location: Vietnam, International


Pre-purchase ship condition survey in Worldwide ports carried out by AIM Control Inspection Group.

Superficial pre-purchase inspection to be carried out by AIMControlGroup.Com:

In order for our Surveyors to conduct the required Superficial Pre-Purchase Inspection, please be ensured that the Owners of the vessel and/or their Brokers are aware of the following requirements, which are to be passed on to the vessel’s Master and Chief Engineer.

AIM's Inspection of Pre-purchase vessel condition will be inspected

  • Full access to the vessel – all areas including amongst others All cabins, Galley, public areas, recreation areas, Gymnasiums if on board, life boats, all stores excluding bonded store only, medical chest and hospital, duct keel if exist, all engine room, emergency generator room, CO2 room, navigation bridge, laundry space, and other spaces, areas which upon spot request we would like to see.

  • To allow to take some spot UTS

  • Full access to all log books and records.

  • Internal inspection of the following tanks:

    • Fore peak tank.

    • Two double bottom tanks which are adjacent to Fuel oil tanks.

    • After peak.

    • Six top wing tanks (one in the mid ship and one in the aft part of each hold

Provide the following plans and documents / records for scrutiny and copies thereof:

  • All vessels: GA, Capacity, Mid-ship Section and Shell Expansion and Docking Plans

  • Container Stowage Arrangement and Securing / Lashing plans, including inventory of securing equipment.

  • Builder’s particulars booklets – Hull & Machinery.

  • Last two UT gauging report.

  • Last Special Survey report.

  • Last two Dry-docking report.

  • Last Dry Docking – maintenance and repair report from superintendent & ship repair contractors

  • Class Records, i.e. the latest “Quarterly listing of Surveys” / “Survey Status” including all Class Survey Reports (Hull and Machinery) issued since the last Dry Docking or Special Survey.

  • Machinery Records – maintenance etc., to include:

    • ME running hours since last overhaul.

    • Auxiliary Machinery running hours (all).

    • ME performance and running data.

    • ME cylinder and liner inspection report.

    • ME crankshaft deflection report.

    • ME clearances report – all main components.

    • Diesel Generators overhaul inspection reports, including crankshaft deflections.

    • Electrical Insulation Test – Megger test (latest).

    • Both Main Engine spares list.

    • Diesel Generators spares list.

    • Electrical spares list, including motors.

    • Last two Lubricating Oil analysis for all machinery (including Main Engines, Auxiliary Engines, Stern Tube, Deck machinery, winches and cargo gear).

    • Boiler and Cooling water treatment records.

    • Main engine: at least 4 inspection covers in way of engine camshaft to be open for inspection of cams while engine is being turned with turning gear.

As well as 2 crankcase inspection doors to open

  • Deck Department spares and paint inventory.

  • Painting Schedule and suppliers specification – all areas.

  • Cargo gear spares and record of wires in use.

  • Inventory of Fire Fighting and Safety Equipment

  • Record of Safety Equipment.

  • Inventory of Navigation & Radio (GMDSS) equipment. SVDR.  and all additional equipment which is required as per regulations.

  • All ship’s Class and Statutory certificates, including SOPEP, Cargo Securing Manual and Loading Instrument as well as Grain & Stability Approval.

  • List of ‘ALL’ ship’s Certificates.

  • Planned Maintenance reports – recent monthly reports (deck and machinery) – covering a twelve (12) month period.

  • Cargo Records

  • Voyage Abstracts – speed and consumption for past 12-month period.


Please kindly contact with us when you need to enquiry our services.  

Best Regards,

Dr Capt Nguyen Te Nhan / G.D

Agriculture - Industry - Marine Control Inspection Group


Skype: aimcontrol

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