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On / off  hire vessel condition surveys

As independent Marine & Cargo Surveyors, we offer on / off hire vessel condition surveys, condition surveys & pre purchase inspection in ports of Vietnam, port’s anchorage area of Pacific Ocean, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, Arctic.

On-Hire Surveys / Off-Hire Surveys of vessel are undertaken on her structures condition to delivery of the vessel or is re-delivered into a charter vs a vessel owner.

The on / off  hire vessel condition surveys are an inspection of vessel's holds, main deck, cargo working areas, external shell plating and stevedore report of damage

On hire / off Hire structure survey - Marine Surveyors in Asia and Global of AIM who have skill and experience to inspect on the condition of a ship or vessel at the time of delivery or re-delivery.

In full on / off hire ship technical condition surveys, AIM’s ship inspectors will conduct the remaining bunker survey of quantity (ROB survey)

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On / off hire vessel condition surveys

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