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Container Loading Inspection / Survey Services

Container Loading Inspection / Supervision

AIM Control Inspection Group

The container loading inspection / supervision plan is to inspect on freight container condition and the loading cargo will be stowed inside container and securing for safety shipping.

What is exactly loaded into my container ?

How to make sure of the exact quantity ?

How to make sure the factory will not replace my goods ?

How to make sure the container is safe for the transport ?

When? The Container Loading Inspection (CLI) also called Container Loading Supervision will take place right before the vendor / factory / manufacturer is supposed to load the goods inside the container and also during the loading process.

Where? At the factory or at your forwarder’s premises, ports of loading, others places.

Anywhere in Vietnam & Worldwide.

What? The container loading Inspection / supervision covers the quantity check inside of each carton, weighing of each bag, cargo tally services on bags, cartons, boxes, the packing list check, the container conditions, the process of the loading (cartons conditions, filling-up level etc) and also a quick inspection on selected sampling size to check the workmanship, main functions, packaging and packing of your products, photos, witness of sealing and report of container loading with pictures by AIM Control cargo and container independent inspectors.

Why? Because you don’t want your goods to be wrongly loaded in a humid container with broken cartons and broken products.



Benefit & Advantages of the container inspection:

Performing a Container Loading Inspection will allow you to:

  • Make sure what is loaded in your container

  • Perform a final check on the products, packing etc.

  • Keep pressure on your vendor shoulders.

  • Show your client(s) you care.

  • Save time and secure your business!

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Email us:, to order of Cargo container loading inspection



The following are 10 steps and issues to beware when AIM Control offers container loading inspection / supervision and stowing and securing (stuffing) a freight container:

1. The key person is AIM Control’s responsible surveyor for loading (packing/stuffing) the container.

  • Based on type of container & cargo kind, the cargo need refrigeration, ventilation, special handling equipment, securing devices or special dunnaging in the container, AIM Control inspector will carrying the survey and consult in suitable condition.

2. Container Condition.

Check the containers when it arrives.

  • The type of container ordered
  • Cleanliness. odor free, weatherproof
  • Condition: no leakage, door gaskets, chassis and handling equipment, corner fittings

07 points of checklist in shipping container condition loading inspection / supervision:


3. Stowing and “Stuffing”

  • “Stuffing” used term for the loading of cargo into freight containers and the International Maritime Organization as “packing.” to “stow” is to place or arrange compactly and put safely in place.
  • “Stow” the shipment properly in the correct freight container and secure it well. (“Stow” and “secure” are two distinct operations)

4. Weight Distribution and Space Utilization.

  • Pre-plan the stowage of the cargo in container approved by AIM Control. The weight should be spread evenly over the entire length and width of the floor of the container.
  • Stowing cargoes of uniform density (other than heavily concentrated packages), then a proper, even weight distribution is not a problem. NOTED on Cargoes of various densities.

5. Compatibility of Cargoes.

  • On segregation and stowage verification, if the container is loaded with packages of various commodities.
  • The commodities’ physical characteristics (such as weight, size, & density) must be considered by AIM Control's surveyors, as well as whether they are liquids or solids.
  • Cargo can be of high density, hard-to-damage commodities such as galvanized metal sheets, or low density, easily damaged electronic components.
  • AIM container loading surveyor is aware of previous commodities stuffed in the container, especially if foodstuffs.

6. Improper stowage can cause damage to any cargo, including so-called hard-to-damage commodities.

  • Each commodity to be checked and considered by AIM Control on the basis of its characteristics and properties when planning its packaging and stowage in containers for shipment.
  • To achieve the proper cube utilization, a compatible configuration of cargo packaging units.
  • Segregation of hazardous materials/dangerous goods within the same or adjacent containers is regulated certifying.

7. Hazardous Cargoes.

8. Stowage of Wet and Dry; Heavy and Light Cargo.

Wet and Dry Cargo.

  • When the container is to be stowed with both packaged wet and dry cargo, the wet goods should never be stowed above the cargo that is liable to damage from moisture or leakage

Heavy and Light Cargo.

  • Improper stowage of heavy and light cargo together causes crushing and damage to contents. Heavy packages always be stowed on the bottom or floor of the container.
  • Each tier should be kept as level as possible.
  • If packages are stowed loosely, the arisen damage is likely due to the motion or vibration during cargo container transported.

9. Stowage of Heavy Concentrated Weight.

  • AIM Control's loading expert review on planning the stowage of heavy concentrated weights, careful consideration must be given to the maximum permissible weight and the floor loads allowed in the container to properly spread the weight should be arranged with weight distribution factors.
  • This bedding lumber of sufficient thickness that will not deflect under the planned load, with the bottom bearers placed longitudinally in the container.

10. Securing

  • Fill it or secure it. Use dunnage. Block it out. Leave no void spaces or loose packages on top. Smooth metal-to-metal contact should be avoided as this causes a slippery surface. The slogan “Pack it tight to ride right”. the cargo securing inspected stress stowing to prevent the sideways and longitudinal movement in the container.
  • Avoid direct pressure on doors.
  • AIM Control carrying out the container loading inspection / supervision and stowing of the cargo in the container basing on a regulatory responsibility to do it correctly. The securing techniques and materials used should be more than just “adequate,” when ocean shipments are involved.
  • Check that package hazard labels and container placards, required.
  • Finally, secure the doors, lock and seal them, note the seal numbers for insertion on the bill of lading.
  • AIM Control’s video of container stuffing procedure:



Options available for Container Loading Inspection (CLI):

Vietnamese & Western Inspector rate: Negotiation, please kindly email to

For Ho Chi Minh City, Ha Noi Capital, Hai Phong City - NO travel expenses will be charged. For other provinces, travel expenses might apply.  Please kindly contact us in advance to book quality inspections and factory audits with this option so we can arrange our inspectors & auditors schedules.

For all of main worldwide cities where is loading of cargo.

Night overtime rate: Negotiation, please kindly email to

The inspector will stay at the factory after 7PM till late in order to supervise a shipment or to implement the necessary corrective actions.

Additional inspection report rate: € 20.

You might need different inspection reports to be established within the same man-day, especially if your order has multiple references.

Collection of samples: Free of charge.

Our inspectors can pick up your samples and send it to you. It could be mass production samples, defective samples etc.

Defect sorting option: Free of charge.

All defective items inspected will be sorted out and we will ask the factory to either rework or replace these products.

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