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Maritime consultant and surveyors

AIM's Maritime Consultant and surveyors provide expert consultation within the offshore and shipping industry on the safety structure, satisfactory condition or damage of ships, and the stowage for navigating as impartial witnesses tests and survey, investigate.


Types and roles of AIM's Maritime consultant and surveyors

  • Marine surveyors for Maritime Industry (related to the ocean, sea, ships, navigation of ships, seafarers, ship owning and other related activities)

  • Marine inspectors for Shipping business (the carriage and seaworthiness)

  • Marine and goods surveyors for Freight (the cargo in shipping)

  • Marine warranty surveyors for Logistics and Insurance (involved in the cargo from the manufacturers to the receiver’s including insurance of marine and cargo)

  • Marine and cargo controllers for Supply chain (the whole granddaddy process comprising of all aspects in a product cycle from a farm to delivering)

  • Marine experts for Trade (is the basic concept involving newbuilding, pre-purchasing and purchasing, P&I condition, on-hire or off-hire for ship and vessel)

  • Marine class surveyors for Register of vessel and classification of ship under IMO and the national register organizations


Roles of AIM Group's marine surveyors is the engineering quality control from the moment a ship (or marine equipment) is built, manufactured and built at the ship's yard. After that, our duty continues to control safety in transportation, operation and maintenance!

In addition, the issue of risk management is very important!

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Maritime consultant and surveyors

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