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Pre & Post Charter Surveyors / ISM, ISPS, MLC audit

AIM Group’s ship inspectors and experts who are in 30 to 50 years’ roles of auditors for ship’s condition and safety

1/ It is expected that the Auditor would test all or some of the following equipment, view the testing and maintenance records & confirm the crew familiarization with the operating procedure of the following equipment:

· Emergency Telephone Number

· Fire Pumps including the Emergency Fire pump

· Fire dampers including Engine Room fire dampers, funnel flaps

· Oily water separator, 15ppm alarm, Environmental tags for OWS valves and Piping systems

· GMDSS Equipment including MF/HF DSC, VHF, EPIRB etc

· Condition of Lifeboat, Lifeboat engines, embarkation ladder and other accessories

· Emergency Generator

· Emergency Steering

· Emergency Lighting

· General Condition of Hull / Cargo tanks / ballast tanks, especially in regards to cracks / wastage (Tanks are not mandatory)

· Condition of machinery Spaces, especially in regards to oil leakages, fire hazards etc 

· Load line items such as Draft marks, Ballast tank ventilators, condition of hatch covers, coaming, cleats etc as applicable

2/ For Annual Vessel Internal Audit

We are ensure the following is being verified as much as possible.

Ensure to verify implementation of ISPS requirements and include specific comments in the executive summary regarding ISPS checks. Thome ISPS procedures are contained in SSP and its appendices.

During the audit Verify awareness on upcoming legislation Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Verify awareness recent PSC CIC’s (if any) , vessel detentions and recommended actions in last 12 Months . Verify the last reports of PSC, Class, Internal and External Audits. Check if there are deficiencies pending to close. Include these comments in the Summary section of the form CLM108. Also include the status of the findings in the summary as comments and save pictures as evidence of their status.

Verify awareness and recommended action implementation for recent internal major non-conformities or potential major non-conformities issue during PSC inspections/audits (internal/external).

Verify risk  assessment and safe work planning implementation

Recommend 5 such samples during IA spread around CE , Master , and junior officer / rating etc.

3/. For Conditions of the service:

Investigation of the deficiencies and the following areas and equipment:

. External Hull full photo with name on the Bow visible.

. From Bridge Wing showing Funnel, Funnel Deck area and Funnel dumpers (open position and close position)

. Underneath of the Deck Pipelines & Main deck.

. Cargo manifolds including the tray.

. Main Engine from top and bilges.

. Running Aux. Engine with the tray underneath.(3 generators)

.  Main Engine aft bilges under the tail shaft.

. Main Engine Fuel Pump area

. Purifiers

. Lifeboat (both or Free fall lifeboat)

. Galley

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Pre & Post Charter Surveyors / ISM, ISPS & MLC audit

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