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Expeditors and supervisors

The project and supply chain management company AIM Control has a team of expeditors and supervisors who are responsible for monitoring the field and collecting data and documents, censoring the quality and quantity process in Real-time for project management and supply chain purchasing, delivery, transportation, warehousing, and control and approval in production.

AIM Group’s expeditors synchronizes and facilitates the flow of work and materials between and within all of operation. Expeditors examine production and products, delivery and shipping to ensure compliance with all plans including liaising with customers to establish work progress.

To support enhance the efficiency of business processes, particularly the delivery of supplies and supply chain. the following duties and responsibilities in monitoring inventory levels, audit supply vendors and ensure deliver

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AIM Group’s Supervisors are responsible for monitoring and managing the workflow and a vendor or site's activities on how they can best serve customers and teams. We also control schedules that keep everyone safety with deadlines met to prevent gaps or downtime while giving direction and feedback report about what happing and improving.

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With a wealth of experience and a team of inspectors, experts, and lab equipment, AIM Group hopes to serve you the best, soonest!

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Expeditors and supervisors

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