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Safety supervision for shipping

In shipping, the cargo and vessel are always safety before departure at loading port, also called seaworthiness, AIM’s marine cargo surveyors offers Marine Safety supervision for shipping

At loading port

Shore to ship and ship to ship

At unloading port

Ship to shore and vessel to vessel (example petroleum)

At ship’s yard

Vessel to dry-docking

Shipyard to launch

Port’s authority and coastal waters

Job can be performed a safety supervision of cargo and ship based on the safety checklist for Ship Safety Act and port’s stevedore

Identification of ship activity

Identification of shore handling

Warning risks of navigation

Conduct maritime traffic

The duties of the shipping safety supervisor's responsibility to be aware of safety and consulting to concerned parties under works and practices;






AIM marine inspection & consultant together with expert partners, we can provide safety supervision at ports and on board your vessels were required.

Full technical ship management safety supervision services

The number of trained personnel

The number of crew operating and its arrangements

A certified/authorized person

The officer in charge of a respective station

Qualified personnel capable of handling

Power driven and drivers to machine and equipment

The distribution of personnel


The primary objective of a shipping supervisor is to ensure every shipment arrives on time and within budget. AIM Group's supervisors monitor and oversee outgoing and incoming shipping activities to verify items are shipping to the correct location and in good condition.

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Safety supervision for shipping

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