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Pre-loading survey / Loading inspection services
Undertaken by AIM'S surveyors appointed by the ship owners, charterers, their P&I Clubs and our principal. The surveyor has a number of duties, the most ... 
AIM's pre-loading survey and loading inspection services are under the requirement which is certified of cargo condition for protecting AIM's client from any claims which may have occurred prior to loading on board of ship and during of loading. 
The pre-loading survey services of AIM are being carried out not only on the cargoes that are easy damaged casued by tough with the environment, such as a wide variety of steel products, foods and grains, fruits and vegetables . . .but also all types of other cargo.


In addition, we also provide goods quality inspection services at the warehouse of seller (supplier) and certify. that our services are pre-shipment inspection / quality control services in assurance quality.




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Pre-loading survey / Loading inspection services

Pre-loading survey / Loading inspection

Pre-loading survey / Loading inspection

Pre-loading survey / Loading inspection / tallying of bagsAIM Control's Pre-loading survey / Loading inspection carried out at all of ports and locals for various goods types into a container and ship’s cargo hold.Survey of Preloading, loading Survey, inspection - including stability and stress calculations; advice on draft and trim; safe carriage and discharge; to assure the effectiveness of securing; and for recommending and supervising loading, stowage, ...

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