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Final Inspection Services / loading supervision

Final Inspection Services & loading supervision for exporting

AIM Control Engineering Services in Vietnam & International provides in-depth inspection and quality assurance services in Vietnam & International including Factory Audits, OEM Development, Raw Material Inspection, Initial Production Check, In-Production Check, Final Random Inspection and Loading Supervision.   

Inspection Procedure followed by AIM Control Engineering   

Following information is sought from vendor / buyer on whose behalf inspection is to be carried out:   

a) Name, Address, Telephone & Fax No of Vendor.   

b) Details of Materials ordered along with specification (IS/BS/ASTM etc). Details, Quantity, any special requirement and testing requirements.   

c) Sampling plan, if any.   

AIM Control´s inspection department will then get in touch with the supplier to ascertain availability of material for inspection. If available, an inspection visit is fixed within 24 hours.   

AIM Control inspector would carry out Normal visual inspection (capturing detailed size measurements) and mark each and every item (or random sampling, as specified by the client) with "some identification number or AIM Control Test Certificate Number (if material testing is ordered as well) and AIM Control Stamp. Extra stamping would be done on materials randomly drawn for testing as per sampling plan of the buyer. If no specific sampling plan is given by the buyer, it is normal practice of AIM CONTROL to draw a minimum of 2 No. of samples and one additional sample for each 10 Nos. This ensures assessment of uniformity of the lot. AIM Control inspector will also mark the material from which requisite length of sample is to be cut.   

If the samples are to be cut by the vendor; the same must be delivered to AIM Control´s Lab ensuring that AIM Control stamp numbering & identification markings are intact.   

AIM Control will test the sample when delivered to its lab and carry out all tests as required by the buyer. Step by step tests are also carried out at the request of vendor who is not too sure of the quality and does not want all tests to be carried out if the material is not meeting some requirements. Test in such cases are stopped once it is established that sample is failing in certain test. Please note that this may delay the job.   

All samples drawn from a particular lot must pass all the tests, which are required by the buyer. If any sample fails, the entire lot is rejected and then in order for acceptance, the vendor must agree to test each and every bar / plate of the lot to be tested in respect of the failed test. All samples passing the test only will be cleared for dispatch.  

A test certificate is then issued conforming the acceptance of the sample and material.   

All bills for testing & inspection charges are normally raised on to the vendor and the buyer may reimburse the same to the vendor for all accepted materials.   

All materials dispatched from the vendor to the buyer must carry AIM Control stamp and Serial / TC Number, so that it can be easily co-related by the inspection department of the buyer.   

In case of failure, vendor is advised to offer a new lot and entire procedure is repeated once again. In case of minor deviation from standard specification, vendor may get clearance from the buyer and such clearance is to be directly communicated to AIM Control by the buyer. Such items can then be cleared for dispatch. 

Will keep you contacted with us when you orders us!.

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AIM Control Group is international inspection/survey/testing/expedition/certification services companies and also representative offices dealing in all kinds of Products, Cargo, Goods, Commodities, and accessories from Vietnam, China, India, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Chile, Brazil, Italy, Germany, U.K, France, Spain & Worldwide. We do inspection/survey/testing/expedition/certification services and also provide sourcing and agency services which includes follow the production and quality control. Interested buyers or company who want to source the Products, Cargo, Goods, Commodities. Please kindly welcome to enquire and contact us for more details.

Like they say, “Work is Worship”; we believe in it. Additionally, what we believe is that hard work pays and smart strategies build the road to do work successfully.

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