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Marine and Claim Consultant


1. Act as follows on receipt of a shipment:

·          Check the consignment before signing the receipt (waybill or similar freight document).

·          Count the number of the packages and check with the number stated in the Bill of Lading or Waybill.

·          Inspect the packages carefully. Note that a slight damage on the package can mean serious damage inside.

·          If there is damage or loss, investigate the aforementioned.

·          If possible, take photos to demonstrate the damaged condition of the goods whilst still in the truck or container, or to demonstrate bad stowage.

2. Safeguard the recovery:

Make a remark in the freight documents of damage or loss. 
The remark should be written on the carrier's copy of the freight document, and also be noted in receiver's own copy. 
The remark should specify:

·          Number of missing and/or damaged packages

·          Type of damage (broken, wet, torn contents leaked out)

·          Cause of damage, if known (package overturned, wet due to torn/damaged tarpaulin etc.)

·          Date and signature

Send a written notice of damage or loss to the carrier/haulier within stipulated time. See more details under Notice of loss or damage.

3. Notify the average agent:

Notify the loss or damage to If P & C Insurance's average agent. The average agent makes a survey to establish the extent of the damage or loss, its cause, and other relevant facts bearing on the matter. The average agent may arrange a joint survey with carriers or other liable third party. The average agents are shown in a separate lists under Average Agents.

4. Minimise the damage:

Prevent further damage by taking protecting measures. Damaged goods should be handled with care. Separate damaged goods from sound goods. Do not destroy damaged goods without insurance company's acceptance. See under Check list on receipt of goods for printing out the checklists.

5. Claim for indemnity:

Always make a detailed claim statement, preferably by using the claim form . The claim must be put forward for settlement under the insurance well before expiry of the time limit for presenting a recovery claim to the haulier, carrier or other third party.

6. Claim documents:

Following documents to be attached to the claim:

·          Commercial invoice

·          Weight or packing specification

·          Bill of Lading or Waybill

·          Copy of Notice of Loss to carrier or haulier

·          Landing, terminal, or discharge report/receipt

·          Survey Report with photos

·          Any other document stating the circumstances in the case

7. Claims settling:

The damage will be settled in accordance with the conditions and terms of the insurance policy. If the local average agent has the status of a settling agent, he can also pay the compensation. 
If there is not a settling agent in the country, the claim is to be sent to If P & C Insurance Company Ltd.


Send a written notice of damage or loss (contact us to take it) to the carrier/haulier within stipulated time.​​​​​​​​

In the case of visible damage, a notice of loss must be given immediately upon taking delivery of the goods.

In practice this is done by making a remark on the consignment note. This remark must also be visible in the carrier’s copy.

Always send a separate written notice of loss or damage (a provisional claim) to the last carrier even if a remark has been made in the transport document as stated in the paragraph above.

The notice should contain the following information:

·          heading "Notice of loss or damage"

·          voyage/transport route and B/L, WB No.

·          type of damage or loss noted

·          date and signature

The notice of loss or damage, i.e. the provisional claim should always contain the following paragraph: We reserve the right for ourselves and/or our insurance company to present a specified claim later.

Time limits for filing a provisional claim

Road transport

·          visible damage at once upon receipt of the goods

·          concealed damage within 7 days from receipt of goods


·          visible damage at once upon receipt of the goods

·          concealed damage within 7 days from receipt of goods

Transport by sea

·          visible damage at once upon receipt of the goods

·          concealed damage within 3 days from discharge of goods

Transport by air

·          when damage is noted, but not later than 14 days from receipt of the goods


1) Inspection of goods: Inspect all goods on receipt, and note visible damage and shortage on the freight bill/receipt. (Number of packages, type of damage, etc.). Take photos of the truck and cargo if possible. Obtain carriers signature before signing never give a clean receipt in case of visible damage/shortage on packing or goods To provide documentary evidence that the damage occurred during transport.

2) Claims against transport companies: Inspect the goods immediately after receipt. In case of non-visible damage/shortage, hold the carrier liable in writing. Try to determine the reason to the discrepancies. The carrier can refuse the claim if these deadlines are not observed.

3) Immediate report

4) Limitation of damage: Take all necessary steps to minimize the loss and prevent further damage i.e. separate damaged goods from sound. The policy holder is obliged to do this according to the conditions.

5) Written claims: enclosing the following:

·          way bill, B/L , airway bill etc. (original)

·          commercial invoice

·          insurance policy/certificate, if any (original)

·          notification of loss against carrier

·          delivery receipts / notes

·          other relevant correspondence / documents

·          survey report , if any

(Freight documents are required to show the agreed transport conditions; Invoice is required to calculate the amount of compensation and to clarify the delivery terms; The original insurance policy/certificate proves who is entitled to compensation; Delivery receipts show the condition of the goods upon arrival; The survey report shows the extent, cause and nature

of damage.)


Notify the loss or damage to If P & C Insurance's average agent. The average agent makes a survey to establish the extent of the damage or loss, its cause, and other relevant facts bearing on the matter. The average agent may arrange a joint survey with carriers or other liable third party.

Cargo inspection / Cargo survey services include inspection cargo, quality control of goods, sampling of goods, analysis of samples, monitor & supervision on loading and unloading operation, cargo tally and counting the number, quantity, weighing measurement  and to be certified the Q&Q Certificates. We provide the Cargo Inspection / Cargo Survey following details:

ü  Inspection Services of AIM Control Inspection Company

ü  Export Goods Inspection / Pre-shipment Inspection

ü  Final random (or 100%) inspection

ü  Quality goods inspection

ü  Inspection of agricultural products for export

ü  Inspection forest products exports

ü  Inspection equipment & machinery import and export

ü  Lab. inspection and testing analysis goods

ü  Inspections by container goods imports / exports

ü  Inspection of consumer goods

ü  Inspection of mineral and ores

ü  Inspection quantity and quality of goods loaded export

ü  Inspection of liquefied natural gas, petroleum products

ü  Inspection of goods for export handicraft

ü  Inspection of goods clearance

ü  Inspection status conditions import /export project

ü  Inspection conditional processing plant exports

ü  Audit factory

ü  Assessment of quality supplier

ü  Verification and Certification on the health and safety of foods

ü  Inspection cargo & product trademark

ü  Inspection quality standards as required export buyers

ü  Inspection of goods in warehouses buyers, sellers supply chain premises

ü  Inspection of goods origin

ü  comparative testing / inspection

ü  Appraise & assess factory capacity on demand goods buyer

ü  Inspection goods during fabrication (in-line)

ü  Quality Inspection of goods

ü  Inspection of materials used fabrication, manufacturing

ü  Inspection of goods exported

ü  Loading of cargo inspection / survey

ü  Inspection garmentfamily textile inspection

ü  Inspection shoes & footwear, leather exports quality control

ü  Inspection toy products for schools & education

ü  Inspection of /family furnishing export goods, household goods inspection

ü  Automotive manufacturing inspection and control

ü  Quality Control Inspection & Certification

ü  Inspection imports & exports

ü  Inspection wood furniture

ü  Quality & quantity Inspection and identify name of wood & timber

ü  Inspection quality and weight rice exported from Vietnam & Thailand

ü  Inspection of agricultural products

ü  Loading Supervision and unloading survey (with tallying of cargo quantity)

ü Inspection of food safety, safe feed packaging

ü Pre-loading survey / inspection

ü  Inspection conditions transport means as ships holds, container. .

ü  Quantity inspection and cargo tally

ü  Standard inspection, condition, condition of goods exported

ü  Inspection and tallying on the number of rows, quantity in container stowage / stuffing and loading

ü  Export Quality inspection and Quantity goods survey

ü  Pre-shipment inspection

ü  Certification services

ü  Cargo Damage Survey.

ü  Insurance goods claim survey

ü Damage cargo expertise witness

ü  Damage marine and cargo survey

ü  Damage survey

ü  Damage and loss inspection to cargo and goods

ü  Loss adjusting survey

ü  Marine and cargo loss prevention survey

ü  Third Party Inspection

ü  Marine and cargo Surveyors

ü  Cargo Survey

ü  Damage and loss goods control

ü  Cargo shortage and damage claim survey

ü  Glovers quality control and certification

ü  Quality wooden rattan bamboo furniture  inspection

ü  Sea grass quality control and inspection certification

ü  Hone outdoor and indoor product inspection

ü  Steel product quality control and inspection

ü  Electrical product inspection and survey

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