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Q&Q Cargo Inspection / Loading Supervision / Discharging Tally

The out of GAUGE cargo inspection and loading/discharging supervision services:

We are The Agriculture - Industry - Marine Control Inspection Company in Vietnam and Global, an Independent Inspectors, surveyors and experts providing inspection services, expediting services, testing, QA/QC, Cargo Survey, Marine survey,  Certification based in Vietnam, China, India, Asia, Europe, the Middle East Anywhere of Countries to protect your orders in good condition. Email:,, cell: +84903615612.

This is the out of GAUGE cargo inspection and loading/discharging supervision services carried out by our inspectors, surveyors during loading and discharging at the vessel / ship


AIM is Agriculture – Industry – Marine Control Inspection Group, which one of the world’s leading trade inspection, trade security and certification companies, operating in close to 100 countries.

Our surveyors, inspectors have always improved their knowledge and experience more than 20 years for meeting to of the clients with the best quality services.

AIM Control's Out of gauge Inspection / supervision on loading/discharging 

We inspect/ do assessment heavy-lift cargo/ Super-cargo/ Break bulk cargo or out of gauge cargo (special cargoes) from factories Worldwide, release shipment to load and stowage on board of vessel for transport at export ports, unloading  at import ports and deliver cargo to jobsites Worldwide. Each project is unique, few jobs are alike and we take nothing for granted when we start up on a new Project.

We handle all types of cargo which can be part of a project, from small LCL inspection and inspection of container, to very Large and very Heavy units loaded and stowage on ships. To get the cargo to its destination we can apply all modes of inspections:

  • By Ship

  • By Truck

  • By Rail

  • By Air

AIM Control's surveyors can loading/ discharging inspections and lasing/ secure supervision all kinds of special cargo. Our specialist knowledge of moving out of gauge, break bulk, perishable and high value goods gives us the expertise required to find the right cargo solution.

Our Securing Cargo inspection and supervision to heavy-lift cargo/ Super-cargo/ Break bulk cargo or out of gauge cargo consisting of checking Strapping, banding, chains & binders, blocking & bracing and nylon lashing are available to ensure the cargo is secure for transport, inspection to forklift, crane capacities and handle and stowage

To Cargo Protection, our surveyors checking custom crating and taping are available to protect cargo during shipping

We ship inspection and supervision, large yachts, planes, entire factories plants, boilers, win generators, giant turbines and ship propellers or statues more that ten metres high. event item weighing more that 350 tons or being over metres long can be safety carried on break cargo vessel as BBC, Hapag-lloyd.

To heavyweights have to be handled during loading/ unloading and firmly secured for transport at sea, AIM Control 's surveyors and experts will take care of everything in conduct the inspection and supervision and give AIM Control's client, customers comprehensive advice

AIM Control's surveyors and experts have unique expertise handling heavy load/ discharging inspection and supervision

AIM Control's Special Cargo Inspectors/ surveyors/ experts at ports to coordinates and monitors the safe loading/ unloading all of special cargo worldwide.

AIM Control nautical inspectors, surveyors and experts have wide experience in handling LCL inspection and heavy lift cargo

Our good communications network with ports. port operations, stowage planners and crew on board of shipping line.

You select our heavy lift project cargo inspection during loading and discharging with care and use only companies with proven records. Our own network of offices covers a major part of the Globe - and our extensive network of partners covers the rest !

AIM Control's Heavy lift cargo loading and/or discharging inspection and supervision to ensure successfully inspection/handling of a project, there must be adequate KNOWLEDGE, CAPACITY and FLEXIBILITY. AIM Control is built to meet exactly these requirements.

We have experts in heavy lift cargo survey to supervision of vessel's loading/ unloading, heavy-lift cargo cargo lasing inspection during loading/ unloading , inspection to CONTAINER SHIPMENTS, inspection to forklift trucks capacity, inspection to vessel's crane capacity and operation, inspection to stowage heavy-lift cargo into ship's holds (Lower holds, Tweendeck, On-Main deck, monitoring to loading or unloading schedule. .  .measurement to volume of heavy0lift cargo

You may have your lifting equipment inspected for legislative or Health and Safety reasons. Whatever the reason, the inspection should be carried out to give you the necessary confidence that you are only operating equipment that is safe to use.

SAFETY FIRST !          

BREAK-BULK cargo can be inspected/ handled several times during it's trip from factory to final place of delivery. During handling, cargo is always at risk and it is essential that the inspection/handling instructions given by the Cargo manufacturer are followed closely.

We always arrange for additional supervision / inspection when loading/discharging to BREAK-BULK/ Supercargo/ Heavy-Lift Cargo. The supervision/ inspection can be done by AIM Control staff professional Surveyors are Master, Captain, C/O, C/E sailing at sea in many years in Break Cargo Vessels!

Our surveyors can also assist with advice for CONTAINER LOADING, DESIGN OF PACKAGING, LIFTING METHODS etc.

We can offer PORT AGENCY services - this is an exclusive service to ship-owner /cargo owner, where we can protect their interests in any Port of loading/discharging.



The followings are AIM Control's loading inspection and lashing/ secure supervision during loading at the ship at Heavy Doosan Vina port, Dung Quat, Vietnam on board of vessel "BBC shipping line" 

Also see Inspections/Quality control/ Testing/Certification/ Marine Surveys/Expediting of AIM Control:Inspection Survey Testing Certification services of AIM Control Inspection Group

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