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Final Random Inspection

Final Random Inspection:

Final Random Inspection (called FRI), will be inspected on quality and quantity, packing and marking to find number of critical, major and minor defects (as per AQL in random or 100% products of shipment) to report to AIM Control’s customers.

This final random inspection is to verify covers: product appearance, workmanship quality, size measurements, weight check, functionality assortment, accessories, labeling & logos, packaging, packing and other tests and special requirements, depending on the product and the import market.

AIM Control’s team of final random inspectors chooses a specific quantity of completed products as samples for inspecting them basing on its specifications, customer’s requirements and inspector’s protocols and experiment expertise.

After completion of final random inspection, a fully detailed inspection report with pictures and comments will be immediately sent to customer  The customer is who decides on Acception or Rejection.

In case of a failed shipment, customer should consider using and ask for a Re-inspection. For some tricky shipments, customer  might also consider to request for inspecting a full carton/ products. We also help you to find solutions with seller and supplier.


How to make sure customer will get what they paid for?

What type of defects are finding & eliminating from?

What is the % of defective of products in shipment?

Are customer’s products functioning correctly?

Are shipping marks, packing and labeling correct?

Are all of specification and others standard?  

When? A final random inspection will take place when 100% of product fabricated and at least 80% to 100% of the products are ready packed into export cartons. Customer can of course specify when booking online that they want 100% of the products to be ready for this inspection. (before loading accepted)

Where? A final random inspection will take place at the factory; premises of suppliers and anywhere in Vietnam & International Local. In some case it could take place at the forwarder's premises or at the pier.

What? A final random inspection is to cover all possible on site checks of your products:

Ø       Product appearance (AQL) inspection

Ø       Workmanship inspection.

Ø       Safety and function inspection.

Ø       Quantity inspection.

Ø       Assortment inspection.

Ø       Colors inspection.

Ø       Size & measurements inspection.

Ø       Weight inspection.

Ø       Functionality inspection.

Ø       Accessories inspection.

Ø       Labeling & logos inspection.

Ø       Packaging & packing (including the shipping marks) inspection.

Ø       All of other.

Ø       Before loading & Stuffing, Sealing supervision

+ Any other special requirements customer may have on final random inspection?


Ø       To protect the interests of customers.

Ø       Responsibility of the parties.

Ø       To ensure the goods meet with the terms of the purchase contract (order).

Ø       Goods meet with the export standards, import standards.

Ø       Shipment meet with the requirements for loading in shipping and transportation.

Ø       Product & Goods meet with the requirements of distribution and retail in the Buyer's & Receiver's market

Ø       You get what you pay for.

Trust is good... But control is much better !

Benefit & Advantages of this final random inspection:

Performing a final inspection & report will meet with customer's requirement to:

Ø       Use AIM Control’s final random inspection & results as a bargaining tool with customer’s vendor!

Ø       Acknowledged the percentage of defects affecting customer’s products.

Ø       Know the seriousness of the quality issues.

Ø       As evidence to refuse shipments due to defective.

Ø       Prevent to shortages of quantity & quality goods

Ø       Bargain with customer’s vendor in case of quality issue(s).

Ø       Avoid unexpected costs & delays.

Ø       Keep pressure on customer’s vendor shoulders.

Ø       Show customer’s client(s) customer care.

Ø       Save time and secure customer’s business!

Also see AIM Control’s final random inspection services and loading supervision 

All defective items inspected will be sorted out and we will ask the factory to either rework or replace these products.

The followings are the evidences of our vendor final random inspections carried out by our experience inspectors and surveyors:

Final Random Inspection

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