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Quality cargo control

Quality Cargo Control and Inspection

AIM Control's Quality cargo control and inspection to certificate the inspected cargoes are suitable for standard and or agreement.  

AIM Control Worldwide Group was established and continues to be recognized as a worldwide in cargo inspections, quality control as per specification & analytical services to certificate. We are inspection services companies to supply quantity control, quality control inspection, supervision as well as sampling and analytical services for base on production, fabrication and the loading and discharge of the Material/ Goods/ Cargo and Products fabricated at factory and transported by land, air or sea as your orders. Email:, cell: +84903615612.

Our main Cargo quality control and Inspection to certificate services:

To foods and cargo safe inspection services, Agriculture - Industry - Marine Control Inspection Group (AIM Control) are a inspection companies group providing cargo quality control services, inspection of goods consisting of inspection services, quality assurance, quality inspection services, pre production monitoring, production witness, final control inspection, pre-shipment inspection, loading supervision, cargo inspections, product inspections, commodity inspections, merchandise inspections, analysis and testing, certification, specification quality control services also factory audit, random inspection, visual inspection, quantity tally, pre-loading supervision, vendor inspection at the export countries. Our quality control services also carry out to discharging supervision, quality supervision, damage survey, extent of damage, cause of damage at import countries by our independent surveyors,  independent inspectors, independent quality control services and third party inspection services in Vietnam and Worldwide

Agriculture product and cargo quality control and inspections

Consumer goods, foodstuff products and commodity quality control and services

Merchandise quality control and inspection services

Scope of quality control and inspection to CARGO/PRODUCT/GOODS for exporting

Loading and discharging supervision for transportation by sea as marine ship/vessel

Loading and discharging supervision for transportation by containers

We realize you have a choice in inspection companies and we invite you to Contact Us and experience the personal and prompt service you will receive from our friendly staff at AIM Control Worldwide Group.

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Quality Control Place: the anywhere of Supplier's factory address, premises, local of loading, and/ or ports of .

Quality Control Time: at the time of AIM Control's client's requirement and Goods is ready for quality control & Inspection in  Local Time (before packing, during packing, after packing, at the time of loading).

Quality Control Goods: The entire of various goods, products, cargo, commodity to be purchased and merchandised and or/ bought.

Quality Control Method: Based either Standard Pattern Sample or Random as per AQL &/or 100% of shipment or AIM Control's client's requirement. (identify, verification, checking, audit, tallying, measurement, assessment, sampling, testing & analysis, visual inspection, ect., to issue a  Quality Control Inspection Certification)

Quality Control Reports/Certificates: Results of inspection and Photos at the site and Shipment document.

The AIM Control Group will accept any type of first party, second party and third party ethical quality control, inspection & audit: See more at:

First party quality control: A quality control performed within an organization and organization’s product & goods by the organisation’s own auditing resource (internal audit)This will often highlight areas for improvement which can  be corrected before the visit from an external auditors of AIM Control.

Second Party quality control: quality controls of contractors/suppliers undertaken by or on behalf of a purchasing organization and organization’s product & goods by an auditors of AIM Control. These can be used to identify problems which can be worked on together.

Third party quality control: quality controls of organisations and organization’s product & goods undertaken by an independent certification body or registrar or similar third party organisation. This is the most commonly used audit for most AIM Control members and is widely accepted as more impartial.

All of the above quality control inspection, audits & can be useful. However, it is important to check customer’s requirements before committing to a particular quality control and inspection, audit type.

AIM Control 's Quality Control and Inspection Offices Position

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The AIM Control’s  Quality goods control and  Pre-shipment inspection appointed the  inspector analysis and test products for proper functioning and quality requirements, sending product the does not meet client specifications back into production before being shipped off-site.

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After manufactured product has been confirmed, AIM Control  Quality control’s inspectors can perform a container loading check to insure that the proper product and quantity are packaged and securely loaded before final payment is made and the product shipped. All inspection results and client specifications are confirmed in detailed reports supported with photographs delivered the same day as the inspection.

Quality Control of cargo - 03

Reports are also compiled and supplied to our clients to keep them apprised of the development and resolution of issues at -based production facilities. The output and reporting methods of our quality assurance inspectors ensure satisfaction, allowing our clients to focus on other, pressing aspects of multinational business. The consistent communication from the production site to AIM Control company with headquarters is in , at Ho Chi Minh city to designe to put clients at ease with the international manufacturing process.

Our quality control measures in  ensure that your goods meet all industry and international standards and requirements. Reports are filed in a timely shipment to keep our clients up-to-date on the issues that can affect company output.

For more information on the services we provide in  and other Asian countries, please contact us

Details of AIM Control ’s quality Control/ Inspection/ testing/ Loading Supervision/ Certification:

o    Inspection control – survey to products, goods, cargo.

o     Inspection Services.

o    Quality control inspection Services.

o     Quality control Third Party Inspection services.

o     Audit Services to factory, mill and Manufactory of suppliers.

o    Quality Control Audit to Simple Factory.

o    Quality Control Audit to Extensive Factory.

o     First Article Quality Control and Inspection services.

o     Quality Control Pre Production Inspection services.

o     Quality Control During Production Inspection Services.

o     Quality Control Production Monitoring / Witness.

o    Quality Control Final Production Random Inspection.

o    Quality Control Pre-Shipment Inspection services.

o    Quality Control Product inspection services in AQL standards.

o    Synchronism inspection services.

o    Quality assurance services.

o    Quality inspection services.

o    Inspection quality services.

o    Inspection quantity services.

o    Factory Audit services.

o    Agricultural products inspection.

o    Corporate Social Audit Inspection .

o    C-TPIT Audit Inspection/Survey.

o    Defect Sorting Services.

o    Witness to the production in

o    Inspection & supervision of goods loading/discharging.

o    Tally of quantity during loading goods into containers.

o    Testing of products & materials lab analysis aim to identify brand name, component.

o    Weighing, Measurement, Checking & Tallying to condition, quality, quantity, dimension, packing, marks. .

o    Testing – analysis in lab..

o    Damage survey.

o    Certification services.


Quality Control of cargo



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Email:, cell: +84903615612.


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