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Vessel collision investigation

Vessel collision investigation

Vessel collision investigation

Vessel collision investigation for marine claim

When a ship launched into navigation and shipping, a marine incident at sea such as "Motor vessel collision" was unforeseen. Job of vessel collision investigation must be carried out for marine claim

For the risks at sea are immense dangers and force majeure, so a ship owners always take part in the insurance of their ship's Hull and Cargo insurance.

The insurance policy holders will be compensated for damages / losses after an accident occurring on their ship on property, hull, machinery, equipment, casualties, economic losses, environmental crisis, and cargo carried.


But in order to prove that the cause of the maritime accident is within the responsibility of the insurer, the policy holder requires an independent surveyor of third party inspection is AIM.

When the consequences occur with small value, then the parties will negotiate themselves (negotiating compensation), but occurring with too huge value of losses, the Court will be the place to judge all and end of dispute.

The Insurance Company (Usually P&I) and the Insured Company (usually the shipowner) always make a point of protecting their own interests (usually denying their liability). Therefore, a Joint Survey for a collision of vessel or a marine accident is always important. Only qualified and experienced marine surveyors companies like AIM will have enough expertise and Skill (engineering and technician, technology, science, regulation and rules, acknowledging) to protect for their clients' legitimate rights against other concerned parties.

A vessel collision is the physical impact this occurs either a ship to another vessel or to object resulting in a damaging accident.

To Reduce Risk of collision

  • Take the soundings

  • Inform the master and engine room

  • Check human lives (loss or no to rescue)

  • Immediately send distress signal

  • Record important data

  • Sound the alarms

  • Assess the damage

  • Take immediate action in case of damage

  • Check for oil spill

  • Reach the nearest port, if possible

  • Abandon the ship only if everything else fails


To Investigate a Risk of collision

  • When

  • Who

  • What

  • Where

  • Why

  • How

  • For Whom

  • For What

Human's mistakes & factors

In careless, forget, do not notice, moments of inattention, in a hurry, become emotional, make assumptions, lazy, panic, transgress.

Operating errors

Errors in navigation and maneuvering as per COLREG-1972 and amendments (International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea)


Some collision accidents at sea

  • Ships wedged together after collision

  • Alcohol abuse suspected

  • Vessel drags anchor causing multiple collisions

  • Massive explosion

  • Swinging at anchor – close call

  • Disembarking pilot

  • Dense fog leads

  • Improper communication

  • Actions pilot and parties involved in entry waters

  • While berthing

  • Ignores lookout’s warning,

  • Weather and visibility

  • Ineffective and lack of communication results

  • Hitting sea wall

  • Others

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Investigation of Motor vessel and cargo in maritime accidents

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