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Survey / Registration@Classification

Survey - Registration for Classification

1. General Introduction

As regulated in the International Maritime Code, countries flag ships are to have relevant certificates issued by AIM Control & our partners before putting into operation and re-clasification. The classification of international ships are performed by AIM Control or other classification Society which is authorized by AIM Control.

2. Class notations

A sea-going ships under class construction survey shall be assigned with:

  • For Hull

  • For Machinery

3. Network of survey

  • AIM Control network of survey consists of 4 offices through out Vietnam with more than 100 surveyors who are willing to offer any kind of survey attendance any where in Vietnam (24/24 hour service). Moreover, AIM Control has concluded more than 40 mutual cooperation and substitution agreements with major international classification societies in the world who can act on behalf of AIM Control wherever us orders not have representative.

  • Almost of AIM Control seagoing ship surveyors have been trained abroad and 30 out of them have been appointed by IACS members with to act on their behalf in Vietnam. - Any request for survey or enquiry can be contacted to:

Intial survey and Classification

Application Form for request of survey/classification of ship Instruction of initial survey and classification of ship:

For Ships to be built in Vietnam: Completed Application form and documents to be submitted:

  • Technical design (drawings and calculations) Reviewed and approved by the Dept. of Rules.

  • Form 1A completed by ship-owner or shipyard.

  • Contract signed/or to be signed with us.

Survey for class Maintenance

Class maintenance and certificate validity.

Ships are subject to periodical surveys including annual, intermediate, docking, renewal, ship screw withdrawal surveys, etc. If the required surveys are not to be done in time, the equivalent class or statutory certificates shall automatically become invalid.

Ship class certificate and other statutory certificates shall automatically become invalid in case of ship damage, required repairs are not done and equipment are not fitted as requested by us, ship carrying overload to the assigned load, ship operating outside of the permitted areas, etc.

Ship survey status are shown and can be assessable with certified password to each owner in the database program system of us in the Internet. In addition, Ship survey status list shall be forwarded to ship-owner by us every three months.

Class suspension and withdrawal

Class suspension: A class of ship is suspended for a certain period, for the following reasons:

  • Ship is not repaired as required, (normally more than 3 months form the due date). Or our recommendations are not applied in due dates.

  • Ship is in such condition that not in the tolerance of the applicable Rules.

  • Ship after damage and not fit for the condition required by the applicable Rules.

AIM Control shall inform ship-owner when a ship class is suspended. Depending the actual condition, the ship class certificate may be withdrawn accordingly. Ship-owner has to rectify the deficiency and inform us for survey before the class can be reinstated.

Class withdrawal: A ship is not assigned a class any more for the following reasons:

  • Ship has undergone a series accident, for example, a collision and sank, a fire or explosion, etc.

  • Due ship surveys have not been completed for a long time (for example 6 months).

AIM Control shall inform ship-owner when a ship class is withdrawn and the same to the related authorities and the ship is not registered in the Register Book. Ship-owner has to rectify the deficiency and inform us for survey with the scope as required for initial survey, (but some documents may be exempted) before the class can be reinstated.

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