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Damage Extent and Cause Survey

Damage Extent and Cause Survey

Damage Extent and Cause Survey

Damage Extent and Cause Survey Inspection services for claim

AIM’s damage extent and cause survey is to inspect on boat, ship, barge  & lighter due to collision, wreck, sunk and loss of cargo in trade and shipping or other accidents from disputing/ claim between a insured  vs an insurance.

AIM Control Inspection Group (, email:, cell: +84903615612) is a  Marine Bureau of experienced and qualified surveyors able to attend to most of the major commercial hull and large cargo damage claims on behalf of Protecting & Indemnity Clubs and Cargo and Hull Underwriters., freight forwarders and commodity traders or logistics companies by protecting their interests when damage has occurred during operation, transportation via road wagon, container, vessel, ship, lighter.


The purpose of the damage extent & cause survey on Ship, Barge & Lighter due to Collision, Wreck, Accidents are to perform a thorough investigation of the circumstances leading up to the damage. Potential causes are identified, the extent of the damage is recorded and a damage limitation plan is presented.

  • Life loss

  • Property/cargo damage

  • Environment pollution

  • Other consequences

Our damage extent and cause survey Reports and accompanying photographic or video evidence, are accepted by many leading marine insurance underwriters. 


Damage to ship / barge survey services

When vessel / barge is damaged due to collision, wreck, ground,  the damage extent & cause investigation service on Vessel, Barge & Lighter due to Collision, Wreck, Sunk, others is necessarily carried out by AIM Control independent surveyors to estimate the extent of damage and also to investigate the cause of collision, wreck or ground for concerning parties have evidence for adjusting of claim before compensation.

In international trade business and shipping, air-freighter of cargo, when the damaged or loss occurred, it‘s arising the liability of damage from concerning parties basing on causing of damage inspected by independent surveyors/inspectors of AIM Control.

The main function of damage survey job is listed as follows: 

  • Investigation on the cause of loss

  • The actual quantity and estimated dollar amount of the loss

  • Provide any report you can get, such as damage report.

An On Site Survey Check List and survey photos must provide to our attention within 24 hours of survey.

The following jobs of damage extent and cause survey / investigation services is necessarily carried out by AIM Control independent surveyors

Also see our Damage cargo inspection and Vessel / Container & Cargo survey services in relation 

This is performed to determine the cause and extent of damage, recommend repairs and estimated repair cost, salvage, destruction. The damage inspection may be requested in the event of an insurance or warranty claim.

Also see AIM Control's damage extent & cause survey / inspection carried on accidents of barge wrecked, ship damaged after collision in the river of Asia, Vietnam ports and world-wide.

For Motor Vessels / Ships  in shipping accident


For Properties in shipping accident


For Containers in maritime incident


For Cargoes and Goods in maritime collision accident


For barges / Lighters in maritime collision accident


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