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Marine Vessel Surveyor and Consultant

Marine Vessel Surveyor and Consultant

Marine Vessel Surveyor and Consultant

Marine Vessel Surveyor and Consultant

AIM Control’s marine vessel surveyor and consultant activities applicable to ocean / seagoing vessels, inland navigation, cargoes and shipment, yachts & boats, cranes & handling equipment, fishing vessels, terminals, cruise liners and others based in Vietnam, China, India, Korea, Asia, Europe, the Middle East Anywhere of Countries.

Attending such matters requires special skills, experience and back up support by AIM Control’s office staff. The surveyor in question must not only be a specialist in his field, he must also be a detective, negotiator, communicator, organizer and diplomat. AIM Control’s Marine vessel surveyor and consultant in services in this area included:

  1. Marine Incidents and Accidents

  2. Marine H&M / Technical Ship

  3. Cargo & Shipping

  4. AuditsInspections and Certification

  5. Disputes and Litigation

  6. Marine warranty and approval

  7. Buliding in a new or reparing and purchasing

  8. Underwater and diving

  9. Others


Marine vessel surveyor and consultant for Incidents and Accidents:

  • Marine On-site attendance surveyors

  • Marine emergency response surveyors

  • Marine salvage consultancy and surveyors

  • Collecting and safeguarding evidence

  • Marine surveyor and Investigations into cause

  • Marine loss assessment surveyors

  • Assistance to crew

  • Analyses of data and records surveyors

  • Advanced calculations surveyors

  • Litigation support surveyors

  • Simulation and reconstruction

Marine-Vessel-Surveyor-and-Consultant-in-Vietnam - AIM Control

Marine Surveyor and consultant for Cargo on damage / loss

  • Marine Loss assessment surveyors

  • Providing marine surveyor’s advice to mitigate (further) losses

  • Preparing end executing tenders for salvage sale

  • Research projects to turn-around damage trends

  • Review of logistic process incl. harvest, mining and production

  • Recovery / removal of lost cargo (salvage)

  • Sampling, testing and analyses

  • Quantity assessment surveyors (shortage claims)

  • Calculations and certification


Marine surveyor and consultant for transport and storage requirements Involving:

Marine-Vessel-Surveyor-and-Consultant-for-PNI_SHIP-OWNER - AIM Control

Marine surveyor and  consultant for Collision accident :

  • On board / site attendance surveyors

  • Collecting and safeguarding evidence surveyors

  • Taking statements from the crew

  • Extent of damage surveyors

  • Data collection from shore based facilities

  • Review of radar images and VDR recordings

  • Checking against applicable collision regulations

  • Salvage and situation control

  • Incident simulation

  • Assistance for salvage and repair tendering

Personal Injury Incidents:

  • Re-construction of the incident

  • Gathering evidence surveyors

  • Taking statements from crew

  • Review of Health and Safety procedures

  • Advice on incident prevention

  • Human factors engineering surveyors

  • (Laboratory) testing and analyses

Pollution and Damage Surveyors to the Environment:

  • Marine surveyors and Investigations into cause and extent

  • Gathering evidence

  • Providing advice for clean-up or removal

  • Providing assistance during tendering

  • Analyses

  • Cost review

Marine-Vessel-Surveyor-and-Consultant-for-Collision - AIM Control

Marine vessel surveyor and consultant for Fire incident

  • On board attendance to allocate the (original) location of the fire and the source

  • Root cause investigations

  • Review of fire fighting procedures

  • Risk assessment

  • Collecting and safeguarding evidence

  • Sampling and advice on laboratory testing

  • Loss prevention advice


Marine surveyor and consultant for Salvage in diving

  • On-site attendance (emergency response)

  • Advice on contracting salvage companies

  • Advice on salvage / wreck removal and situation control

  • Preparation and review of tenders

  • Dispute and litigation support

  • Stability, strength and ground reaction calculations

  • Tow line calculations


Marine surveyor and consultant for Loss prevention / control and Risk management

  • Checking of technical design and documents
  • Surveying and identifying of condition (with the technical data)
  • Finding and detecting the defects and deviation
  • Experiencing and engineering
  • Revising and correcting or Re-technical
  • Meeting and advising
  • Handling and operating
  • Monitoring and supervising (inspecting, tallying, measurement, testing, analyzing, verifying, calculating, consulting and others)   
  • Witnessing and recording
  • Acknowledging and consultancy
  • Collecting of data and others
  • Re-checking all
  • Approving and certification


AIM marine surveyor, inspector, diver, controller, supervisor and consultant can perform expert witness for all types of vessel on under international regulations and orders of client.

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