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Material inspection

Material inspection

Material inspection

Raw Material inspection

A raw material inspection is to select materials or item for an manufacturing or processing at factory at first stage.

Inspection and tests on all aspects of materials as physical, chemical, AIM’s inspector determine or verify materials the requirements of a specification, regulation, or contract are met.


For industry fabrication in offshore project and marine vessel shipyards  

Code / Standard / Specification

  • Specification for pressure vessel. JGSNP-CE- ES -002 / Rev.0

  • Specification for Inspection and test of vessel and H/E : JGSNP-CE- ES -003 / Rev.0

  • General inspection Requirements: JGSNCP-PC-GS-009 / Rev.0

  • ASME Sec. VIII Div.1 : Boiler & Pressure Vessels (2007 Edition with 2009 Addenda).

Inspection activities performed;

  • MTR Review

  • VI/DI for plates 


Test report / material certificates review

  • The material test certificates were reviewed in accordance with the applicable job specification and ASME/ASTM Code and verified that as following items;

  • Chemical composition

  • Mechanical properties

  • Heat treatment

  • Material specification (SA516-70)

  • Plate heat No.




For industrial other

  • Identifying

  • Safety

  • Suitability for the product in good

  • Get insight in project's cost of quality

  • Manage focused to quality results

  • Manage effectively on defects and prevention

  • Reduce of risks




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