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Project Cargo Inspection

Project Cargo Inspection

Project Cargo Inspection

Project Cargo Inspection services

Project cargo is a synchronal system with high-value. Its components (section) and disassembly for shipment. Each unit is damaged / loss, the operating of project will be suspended.

Therefore, AIM Control's project cargo inspection is to prevent the pending and to be ensure quality and its functions from fabrication to shipping and insulation at site


Typical project cargoes are reactors and pressure vessels for refineries and petrochemical plants, components for power generation and lines of manufactories investment.

Team of onsite professional QC manager and surveyors of project cargo are on 24/7 witnessing on from fabrication to loading and unloading of project cargo!‎

AIM Control's project cargo inspections offered to control from the Fabrication inspection and release of shipment to loading & discharging based in Vietnam, China, India, Korea, Asia, Europe, the Middle East Anywhere of Countries. Our Local,



A. Fabrication project inspections

  1. Vendor Inspection Services

  2. Mechanical & Electrical engineering services

  3. Expediting services

  4. NDT / Testing

  5. Fabrication inspections (video)

  6. ITP & FAT inspections

AIM Control’s inspectors work with vendors to fulfill a variety of requirements, including:

  • Review of welding procedure specifications and welding operators qualifications, to ensure client requirement and Code and compliance

  • Inspection of sub-assemblies and finished items for appearance, workmanship, dimensions, surface conditions, and operability

  • Witnessing of any and all required tests to ensure strict compliance to approved drawings, procedures, and specification.

  • Final inspections prior to dispatch which may include cleaning, coating, packing.


  1. To undertake QC functions in the workplace for daily QC activities.

  2. To conduct inspection of raw materials, bought out items and review of Material Test Certificates (MTC) and the specification requirements.

  3. To interface and coordinate with clients for QC matters and coordinate with third party inspection agencies for all related inspection activities.

  4. To prepare Quality Control procedures/ work instruction, ITP (Inspection Test Plans) according to project/ client requirements and follow-up for its approval and monitor the implementation.

  5. To plan and supervise Subcontractor inspection activities and reviews of Sub Contractor QC performance.

  6. To supervise staff for reporting, recording and inspection activities.

  7. Preparation of final QC dossier for handing over to the client and maintain proper filling system (as per Organization procedure) with full traceability for retrieving the document.

  8. To have a proactive approach in problem solving.


B. Release of project shipment:

When it comes to loading supervision and unloading sea-fasten of complex transportation of oversized & heavy-lift project cargo on board of marine freighter or land transportation, Our surveyors and inspectors are mariner Master, experts are to commit  to researching all options, surveying potential problems, reacting to extraordinary circumstances with quick and decisive actions.
AIM Control gives a high quality, yet practical, consultancy service for third party supervision of your project from planning to execution of below scope.

  • Review and approval of load / discharge procedures; transportation plan; workmanship; Method statement.

  • Pre-loading / Discharge inspection of project cargo.

  • Prepare - Lifting Plan; Pre-stowage Plan; Lashing plan; Towing plan.

  • Calculation: Acceleration Forces- Load under units- Stability.

  • Cargo Supervision during loading and unloading, as well as in transit.

  • Issuing Pre-transportation / loading, Marine Warranty Survey and detail project report.

  • AIM Control network global surveyors / inspectors attend at anywhere to do the above inspection jobs for you.


How to project cargo inspection for safely load, stow, secure and discharge heavy-lifts and project cargoes

Key points

AIM Control project cargo marine surveyors have specialist knowledge and experience in the shipment and special attention & fully plan during loading and transportation to safety project cargo shipment.

All operations to be carefully managed with agreed responsibilities, all risk assessments.

Vessel types and suitability

The transporters are specialised vessels, containers and equipments. Its operation is to carry the project cargo only.


AIM Control always organizes a meeting with the representatives of parties as ports, exporters, shippers, charterers, vessel owners, receivers, contractors, workers & logistics, cargo insurers (marine warranty surveyor (MWS),  before handling. Each side must always be aware of their own responsibilities and theirs and agreed on manual plan.


Charter-party, classification, stability, IMO CSS Code, Vessel cargo securing manual, CTU packing guidelines. . .

Project cargo condition

The project cargo must be inspected in adequately packed and protected pre-loading for its heavy-lifting and voyage.

In case project cargo shipped inside containers, the loading and securing must be surveyed.

The project cargo should be monitored at loading to record and note any damage.

Cargo footprint and stowage location

Project cargoes are often high volume, the ‘footprint’ of the package is often large and does not allow ‘stacking’

The positioning of the package and its sea-fastenings must be inspected in relation to the strength of the deck, lashing locations and securing points.

Project cargo securing

All securing gear’s SWL, MBL and Sea-fastenings inspection to restraint against sliding and tipping for transverse, longitudinal and uplift motions and recommendation for crew on rigging and re-tightening at sea.


Inspection on a detailed lifting plan, safe working loads (SWL), lifting points and the stability. In tandem lifts (using more than one crane) require experience and synchronizer.

Vessel strength/load spreading

Survey and consultancy to the vessel’s load limits for hatchcovers, tween-decks, tank tops, on deck, super cargo packages placed over the frames,  the longitudinal strength of the vessel checked for all key stages of the loading and discharge and her voyage.

Her stability

Monitoring of intact stability at all times, GM and ballast water control.




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