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Damaged cargo inspection

Damage Cargo Inspection Services

When cargo is damaged/ shorted, the damage cargo inspection services necessarily carried out by AIM Control independent surveyors to survey, verify, identify on Incident consequences and to estimate the extent of damage and also to investigate the cause of damage for concerning parties have evidence for adjusting of claim before compensation. In international trade business and shipping, air-freighter of cargo, when the cargo damaged or loss occurred, it ‘s arising the liability of damage from concerning parties basing on causing of damage inspected by independent Surveyors/inspector’s of AIM Control. The main function of Damage Cargo Survey service is listed as follows: 

  • Investigation on the cause of loss/font>

  • The actual quantity and estimated dollar amount of the loss

  • Provide any report you can get, such as damage report.

  • AAn On Site Survey Check List and survey photos must provide to our attention within 24 hours of survey.

The following damage cargo inspection services:

Also see our Damage cargo inspection and Vessel / Container survey services in relation/strong> 

·        Damage Cargo survey services

·        Damage Cargo & container inspection services

·        Damage Cargo & Vessel inspection services

The followings are our container inspection & marine cargo survey services


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Off-hire & condition of container Survey/Inspections services

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·          Etc.

Damaged cargo inspection services

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