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Lashing and Securing Inspection / Survey@Sea

Heavy Lift / Supercargo Loading Lashing and Securing Inspection/ Survey/ Supervision services

Heavy lift Cargo/ Supercargo loading lashing and securing inspection/ survey/ supervision services are to check condition of cargo, checking the condition of packing and packaging, quantity tally, size of random checking (for packages), monitoring to the loading operation into transportation (vessel, ship), certification, assessment, verify, certify, inspection,  monitoring to lashing, securing of project cargo, packages together each and into monitoring to and related activities aimed at preventing to damage and / or loss caused to the goods before loading time and during loading period at vendors and ports. email:,

The Super Project Cargo Loading consultancy and  lashing and securing inspection/ survey/ supervision services carried out to visual check/survey the quality of cargo, quantity of cargo, and measurement of cargo sizes (for oversize) before loading or pre-shipment on board of vessel or ship. Lashing and Securing inspection is intended to determine the packages of cargo were lashed and secured in satisfactory condition to suitable for shipping transport at sea.

It is in these circumstances that please contact with us at:, cell: +84903615612 to be provided loading survey or securing and lashing supervision services by our local surveyor can be most useful for you to prevent the damage and/loss of cargo or verification cause of damage, loss and shortage for the loaded cargo/goods/products.

The following photos are a Supercargo Loading lashing supervision carried out by AIM Control's  inspectors, surveyors (Capt., Master) for Heavy-Lift Cargo, Super-Cargo, GAUGE Cargo and oversize Cargo in Vietnam, China, Korea, India, UEA ports: 

Loading, lashing and securing inspection/ survey/ supervision provided by AIM Control Inspection Group at all of ports worldwide


AIM Control's Heavy lift Cargo/ Supercargo Loading survey/inspection/supervision is carried out to avoid problems such as wrong goods shipped; wrong quantity shipped, damaged merchandise or damaged packaging.

We are providing the loading inspection services, which are performed as followings:

What is exactly loaded on board my ship’s holds?

How to inspect/survey/supervise sure of the exact quantity of goods inspection?

How to inspect/survey/supervise sure the factory will not replace goods/cargo/product? 

How to inspect/survey/supervise sure vessel/ship crane, holds is safe for the loading?

How to inspect/survey/supervise sure vessel/ship is safe for the transport?

What to inspect/survey/supervise on loading? 

-  The loading inspection covers quality verification, the quantity checking, the packing list checking, survey to condition ship’s holds, supervision to the process of the loading (cartons/packages conditions) and also a quick inspection on selected sampling size to check the workmanship, main functions, capacity of ship’s crane, capacity of forklift, checking to packaging and packing, checking to tags name, markings, checking to condition of loaded sling, checking to lashing belt capacity, checking to tags name, measurement of sizes. 

-  Check packaging (inside and out) for physical damage

-  Check all quantities of merchandise

-  Perform a random Quality “spot-check” on the merchandise 

Supervise the loading process 

-  Record the seal number and departure time of ship’s holds

-  Weather, truck forklift, forklift, sling, lashing material etc…

Supervise lashing, securing, dunnage

-  Record the incident and accident to goods, packages if having any damage

-  Record the time sheet of loading

-  Collect the document of B/L, Certificates. . .

When to inspect/survey/supervise on loading?

With the Vessel/Ship (SLS), loading survey is also called Ship Loading Supervision, will take place right before the PORT and STEVEDORE is supposed to load the goods into the holds of ship/vessel and also during the loading process. 

Where to inspect/survey/supervise on loading? 

-  At the ports or anchorage or buoying (for ship, vessel) 

Contact us to see how AIM Control can support your organization with Cargo Supercargo Loading survey/Securing and lashing inspection services


On AIM Control's Heavy lift project cargo Inspection, Measurement and Lashing & Securing Survey:





The followings are AIM Control's loading inspection and lashing/ secure supervision during loading and volume measurement of project cargo with heavy weight and oversize at Kwangyang port in Korea on board of vessel "MV JIA XING"




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The videos taken at the site of inspection, survey and supervision during AIM Control surveyors and inspectors conducted the Loading / unloading / Lashing / Securing for Super Project Cargo in over-weight and over-sizes










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