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Agri-Commodities Loading and Discharging Supervision

Agri-Commodities Loading and Discharging Supervision

Agri-Commodities Loading and Discharging Supervision

Agri-Commodities Loading and Discharging supervision

Where goods are traded, stored, handled and transported there is a normally a contractual requirement to establish the quality and condition of goods and to monitor and independently oversee loading and discharging operations. The role of AIM Control's cargo superintendents, surveyors are to observe and report the facts, to undertake Agri-Commodities loading and discharging supervision, inspections, to draw samples and to arrange analysis and finally to issue written reports and certificates. Email:


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  • How to ensure all of agri-commodities discharged in calm condition?
  • How to control and calculate the Out-turn cargo on your commodity in shipment at period of discharging of goods?
  • How to know accuracy the weight and quantity of agri-commodities delivered to Receiver from ship's cargo holds and container?
  • How to control the handling of stevedore and others?
  • How to acknowledge on liability of carrier when damage and loss of agri-commodities?
  • How to reduce the risks for ship-owner and his PNI?
  • How to solve the claim of receiver and their insurance when arisen marine and cargo incident
  • Who is company of tally clerk, surveyors & consultant, supervisors and investigators services in reputation and experience for your requirement?

Thus cargo superintendents and surveyors of AIM Control Survey & Inspection Group have a vital role to play in establishing contractual compliance and the delivery of safe food and feed.

The supervising, sampling and tallying, weighing of goods are of paramount importance that the quality and integrity of any goods covered by this scheme will be maintained throughout; from where they are grown and/or produced, until delivery to final destination.

Agriculture Commodities loading and discharging inspection and survey operations can be taken place at port installations, primary processing plants, storage facilities, and elevators (including floating elevators, tank terminals and ship to ship transfers).

The key of AIM Control controls necessary for the Agri-Commodities loading and discharging supervision operators are 

  1. All goods loaded or discharged must be via a secure route and method.

  2. Where weight is to be determined the goods must pass through the weighing equipment in a secure route.

  3. Records must be maintained on the cleaning of handling and weighing equipment.

  4. Records must be maintained on the checks/calibration of the weighing equipment.

  5. All sweepings and or spillage must be uplifted and accounted for either by weighing or by mutual agreement between the contracting parties or their representatives.

  6. All local and national health and safety legislation must be observed.

Special attention, when instructed by the owner of the goods, should be given to the handling of organic and genetically modified materials.


Hazard  Analysis and Critical  Control Points (HACCP)

The application of a HACCP approach is central to Trade Assurance Scheme with the aim of minimizing losses, damage and contaminant risks.


Detailed provisions and requirements are made on the appointment of independent superintendents of AIM Control Survey & Inspection Group when appointed by, or on behalf of Buyers & Sellers, P&I & Ship-owners, Shipper & Port authority, Logistics & Suppliers, Carriers & Charterers, Insurance & Underwriters, and other parties.     .

Sampling and Analysis

Where parties have agreed to trade contracts, the requirements for supervision and Sampling at ports of loading and discharge are contained within the standard Sampling and Analysis.

The AIM Control’s Sampling is the methodology for the drawing, mixing and sealing of contractual samples to be used for analysis tests or arbitration purposes, which are deemed to be representative of the entire contractual quantity. The rules cover the sampling operations at both loading and discharge.

The samples are reported and/or certified its findings and determinations, on samples drawn, it shall ensure the samples are drawn, collected and sealed as required by the agreed Sampling.


Where parties have agreed to trade contracts, the requirements for weighing are contained within the standard Weighing (criteria).

The Weighing require that weighing should be undertaken via a secure route through accurately calibrated weighing apparatus and sets out which types of weighing apparatus are acceptable and the procedures to be followed.

AIM Control’s weight surveyors, loading and discharging superintendent, when called upon to supervise/oversee the weighing of the contract goods, shall ensure that the method used is in accordance with the custom of the port, or as contracted. 

  • Weighbridge weighing or

  • Weighing scales; batch scales, conveyor weighers or weighing grabs

  • AIM Control’s surveyors, superintendent shall clearly establish the method of weighing and the weighing facilities in use, and shall maintain and produce records of the weighing determination.


AIM Control’s experts shall ensure that the weighing operations are carried out at the appropriate place and time in relation to the actual handling of the cargo.

The weighing records produced shall make reference to the following:

  • The apparatus used.

  • Approval by the authorities of such apparatus.

  • Information concerning the calibration and verification of the functioning and accuracy of such equipment.

The Certificate or Report shall show the weight determined and when appropriate the method of weighing used; wherever possible, supported by documentary evidence.



The tally-men and chief tally of AIMControlGroup.Com will carry out conduct the tallying of quantity (bags, packages, cartons, . . .) upon the delivery and receiving of loading &/or discharging. Also see our supervisions to some of cargoes loaded and discharged.

The daily report and final report will be issued to sent via email for Client/ the Contracts ASAP after completing of Agriculture Commodities loading control and discharging survey.

Quality and Condition

In the analysis tests it can perform as required by the Contract and may reserve the right to submit samples for testing.

Cleanliness Inspection

When required to do so by the parties, will visually and (as far as is practically and safely accessible), physically inspect vehicles/ vessels/ storage areas, recording where necessary details of the three previous loads carried and to check and report whether they are clean, dry and free from foreign odour or matter and in these respects only, suitable to receive the cargo.

In the case of transport by sea and waterway, it is essential for the safety of the goods that a Loading Compartment Inspection (LCI) of the cargo hold be undertaken prior to the commencement of loading.

Before loading commences, the cargo hold must be empty, clean, and dry, without any unsuitable odours and in these respects be suitable to receive the specific cargo. It must be free of any residues of the preceding cargo and/or cleansing activities and apparently free of vermin.

The results of the LCI, together with the information concerning the three preceding cargoes carried by the vessel as declared  by the Master, must be recorded.

Agri-Commodities Loading and Discharging supervision surveyors_AIM_Control


Fumigation/ Disinfestation/ De-naturing

Treatment of goods by fumigation or application of insecticide treatments shall be carried out by Fumigation Company. AIM Control’s marine consultant may collect certificates to report.

Phytosanitary/ Veterinary/ Radioactivity/ Health Certificates

These are usually provided by the national governmental authorities in the country of loading and may be obtained by AIM Control’s inspectors as required by the parties to the contract. Our Superintendent shall draw and collect the sample material for such a test to be carried out by an approved laboratory of their choice. In any event whoever carries out such tests, the information may be recorded by the superintendent on its certificates.


In order for our surveyors & superintendents to perform their activities, precise instructions are needed from our principals at the time of receiving the order.

AIM Control Survey & Inspection Group of companies shall nominate a suitably experienced person as a Technical/ File Manager who shall be the responsible person for receiving instructions from a principal and who shall be responsible for forwarding the appropriate instructions to the field inspector(s). AIM Control’s Technical/File Manager shall be a permanent employee of the company and shall be responsible for ensuring that sufficient information has been received to enable the field inspector(s) to satisfactorily carry out his/their duties.

Administration and Invoice

AIM Control shall keep all necessary and relevant records, including but not limited to, the following:

  • Copies of Certificates and Reports

  • Photos

  • Relative shipment document data

  • Invoices.


We are able to act Agri-Commodities loading control and discharging inspection, sampling and weighing, tally services in Vietnam, Global. Our Vietnam Head Office, It has been acted over the last 20 years and continues to extend our services. We cover the whole Ports of Vietnam and global with our extensive network. Our staffs are fully conversant with local law & regulations and practices in their area, providing clients with direct support and advice on a 24 hour basis.

Cargo damage surveys and investigation, identify causes and extent of loss and/or damage (for damage cargo on board of vessel or damage cargo in containers)

  • Liquid cargo contamination investigation
  • Steel preloading and out-turn surveys
  • Pre Merchandise surveys
  • Loss adjusting surveys and investigation
  • Grain cargo Pre-loading survey and tally of quantity, bagged loading supervision, in bulk loading survey.
  • Project cargo inspection and Heavy lift cargo unloading survey.
  • Our mission is to respond quickly & positively, and communicate our clients needs. In doing so, we are able to protect our client interests by maximising control and minimising exposure to damage and lost time.

We are an independent marine inspectors, marine surveyors and incident & accident experts providing cargo insurance surveys, marine & ship survey, reports and certificates based in Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, India, Korea, Singapore & Asia, Italy, Germany, Unit Kingdom, Russia & Europe, the Middle East, Brazil, Chile, Argentina & Ect., Anywhere of Countries to protect your orders in good condition. 

AIM Control's Agriculture Commodities Discharging supervision & inspection carried out on the  M.V at Phu My Port, Vung Tau Province, Vietnam.




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