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Claim marine cargo recovery

Claim marine cargo recovery

Claim marine cargo recovery

Claim marine cargo recovery / Marine Cargo Loss adjuster

Claim marine cargo recovery handled on adjustment, recovery actions against third parties and general average & salvage under policies of insurance claims arisen.

AIM Control's marine cargo loss adjuster conduct the damage inspection and loss survey for underwriter and insurance's claim and dispute between the insured ...

AIM is surveyors representative of various of International Group of P&I Clubs are the mutual insurance association that provides risk management, information and expert witness for all members in Vietnam, Asia and Global as well Charterers P&I, Legal Liability Insurance, Exclusively for Charterers and other marine insurance companies.

We have the network of loss adjusters at all of countries to perform the requirement of customer in day. (24/24)

Claims and Recoveries are terms that an insurance company compensates for the loss of the insured and then them claims the loss / damage which caused by third party to be recovered a parts or all. (Different from liability insurance to 3rd party integrations, is coverage meant to pay third-parties for damages or injuries caused by the insured).

AIM Control’s Engineers are expertise in marine cargo, recovery & liability and non-marine services with marine (hull and cargo) surveyors, loss prevention consultants and consultancy, arbitrators, general average adjusters, claims managers, trouble shooting and recovery agents on behalf of Underwriters (or PolicyHolder) to carry out a loss / damage survey and claim marine cargo recovery services.


We acknowledged about Marine & Cargo Claims and Recoveries

All Risks – Institute Cargo Clauses (ICC), restricted or limited conditions, trade & special, bulk oil, machines & manufactured, theft, pilferage & non-delivery, alternatives & adaptations, insurable interest & assignment, packaging & others; exclusions, un-seaworthiness & unfitness exclusion, war exclusion, strikes exclusion, concurrent causes, when an exclusion is deleted; transit, where the risk starts, while on risk, where the risk ends, voluntary change of destination, enforced change of destination, when the adventure terminates prematurely, when the assured changes the destination, when the carrier changes the destination; warranty, types of warranty, breach of warranty, utmost good faith, non-disclosure and misrepresentation; types of loss and measures of indemnity, partial loss, total loss, salvage loss, fear of loss, increased value policies; dealing with charges, charges in general, forwarding charges, enhanced normal charges, extra charges, special or manuscript clauses, costs of proving claim; claims adjustment, presentation of the statement of claim; recoveries, who can make a recovery?, subrogation, what the assured should do on discovery of loss/damage, pursuing the recovery, the Hague rules 1924 & the Hague-Visby rules 1968, some rules relating to bills of lading, the Hamburg rules, comparison of limits, some guidance on handling recovery actions against third parties, claims against air carriers, claims against road carriers; general average & salvage, the York-Antwerp rules, the York-Antwerp rules 1994, salvage, The York-Antwerp rules 2004, miscellaneous points on general average and salvage.

In claim marine cargo recovery services of AIM Control who undertakes a recovery on behalf of an underwriter or other principal should pass to the principal the whole of the net funds received and leave the principal to determine whether there should be any sharing of the recovery with the Assured – it is not a decision for the OUR personally.


Claim Marine Cargo Recovery Services and Marine Cargo Loss Adjuster

  • Loss investigation

  • Loss prevention

  • Project cargo / Inspection of cargo securing measures for sea transport incl (shipping). 

  • Loading Master / Port Captain

  • Pre-loading and unloading inspections

  • Appraisal of cargo values

  • Ship hull surveys

  • Cargo hold surveys, pre-shipment surveys and hatch survey 

  • Yacht surveys

  • Cargo surveys

  • Coordination and supervision of surveys around the world

  • Barge survey (towing survey)

  • Underwater hull cleaning and diving jobs

  • Loading supervision

  • Cargo quantity Tally

  • Marine warranty Survey

  • Gas and oil liquefaction survey & inspection

  • Operators

  • Salvage

  • General Average

  • Other surveying and inspection services





  • Sue & labour suggestion

  • Consultation 

  • Recovery for marine cargo loss

  • Defense for parties against

  • Provide consultation for Maritime law & Legal proceedings 

  • Adjustment

  • Underwater hull cleaning and diving jobs


  • Machinery Breakdowns

  • Storages and Packing Facilities

  • E.A.R.

  • Assistance

  • Loss management 

  • Product liability claims

  • Consultancy services / risk management

  • Appraisal / valuation

  • Quality Control & cargo inspection / Quality Certification

  • Import cargo survey and export product inspection

  • Q&Q general cargo in break and bulk surveys

  • Mineral services

  • Government services

  • Merchandise services

  • Certificate & certificate services


  • AIM Control Marine Group is regulated by the appropriate Authorities

  • AIM Control Marine Group is a member of the Baltic and International Maritime Council

  • AIM Control Marine Group is a Member of the Cyprus Shipping Chamber

  • AIM Control Marine Group is a Member of the British Chamber of Shipping

  • AIM Control Marine Group is a Member of the Other International Maritime Shipping Organizations

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