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Diving services Underwater works

Diving services Underwater works

Diving services Underwater works

Diving services Underwater works

AIM is the leader in providing diving services underwater works for maritime with vessel, ship and offshore project at 02 main jobs are Marine warranty, Surveying and Maintenance.

Clients are typically port authorities, shipping companies, ship owners, insurance companies, shipyards, maritime main and general contractors as well as operators

  • Offshore projects of platforms and associated installations

  • Maritime Ship of Hull and Propellers


AIM Diving services Underwater works group of companies

  • Underwater Works

  • Diving Salvage services

  • Diving Services‎

  • ‎Underwater Survey services

  • In water inspection services

  • Ship’s Hull bottom cleaning services

  • Vessel's propeller polishing services

  • Rig Dive services.

  • UWILD services.

  • hull cleaning Services

  • Diving inspection for class

  • Underwater surveying for Purchasing / Buying

  • Diving jobs for insurance (in claim, loss, accident or warranty)

  • Diving works for owner, manager, shipper or chartering 

  • In water works for shipyard

  • Underwater diver services for multi-purposes (cutting, repairing, supporting, . . . )


We are of working in partnership with Underwater Diving Services in global net-work worldwide to service of diving for customers 24/24 .

We are a global established Companies of group working as a team of experienced divers the leading Specialists dive service's provider's for ocean, subsea and sea ports under water works.

Team of expertise divers and marine engineering who acknowledged in depth of project and customer’s requiring, world-class, highly-skilled Divers and surveyors.

We also providing diving services underwater works in construction, demolition

Since 1993 up to now, AIM's divers and inspectors are a lot of experience to perform the jobs required by AIM’s client.

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