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Factory Assessment / Factory Audit Inspection

Factory Assessment / Factory Audit Inspection

Factory Assessment / Factory Audit Inspection

Factory Assessment / Factory Audit Inspection

Factory Assessment / Factory Audit Inspections of AIM Control's third party assessment can be combined with the Factory Quality Assessment (FQA), the evaluation of a factory can be made, prior to purchasing.

AIM’s factory assessment / factory audit inspection is the right supplier selection which is one of the most important factors of successful sourcing.

AIM Control's factory assessment service helps you determine the capacity of the manufacturer to ensure compliance with the rules and delivery of goods in the quantity and quality specified in the contract in the most period of time.


Business opportunities

In today's highly competitive market, retailers and buyers need sellers based on fulfillment of all production standards, from design and quality requirements to product life cycles and delivery requirements.


  • how does a retailer or buyer choose you as their new partner?

  • how does monitoring evaluate the growth of existing sellers? And

  • how effective is working with the seller to maintain the quality goal all the time?



  • Booking of Factory Audit Inspection Services of AIM!

  • Evaluation of a factory, workshop, is an assessment of the production process, production ability, and operation of the plant with the quality of input materials. For example, a factory assessment standard is a policy, process, record that meets expectations, demonstrating the factory's ability to manage quality appropriately at all times.

What is AIM’s Factory Assessment / Factory Audit Inspection

  • Quality management system

  • Process of goods production (Factory Environment Standards)

  • Control of products

  • Process control

  • Human resources


Benefit from factory appraisal?

  • Acknowledge the ability of a potential seller

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of existing sellers on your seller list

  • Monitoring progress and quality improvement throughout the manufacturing process

  • Provides independent assessment and inspection tools for retailers, buyers, and sellers to improve products.


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