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Quality inspection cargo control

Quality inspection cargo control

Quality inspection cargo control

Quality Inspection Cargo Control and Certification services

What Why Where How does quality control???

  • Quality Inspection Cargo Control describes the directed use of inspections, witness, samplings, testing to measure cargo, product, goods to find “real quality”

  • Quality control means first setting a standard and then use of inspections, witness, samplings, testing anything which you want to test and see if this particular thing works or else fails

  • The buyers used “Cargo Quality control” to be approval standards and to control their P.O. . .

  • Quality control services offered by AIM at anywhere


AIM Control Worldwide Group is a first-class worldwide providing quality control services based as witness, inspection, survey, testing, sampling and certification to control your goods, cargo, product and P.O with over 100 years of trusted experience. AIM Control Worldwide Group provides the highest level of independent quality control services, at a cost effective rate, throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa. We are dedicated to reducing our clients overall risk by providing an expert team with unparalleled experience, precision and attention to detail throughout the inspection process.

Email: requirement).

We have an Independent inspectors, surveyors and experts to carry out the quality control services, based in Vietnam, China, India, Asia, Europe, the Middle East Anywhere of Countries to quality control your orders in good condition.


What are quality inspection cargo control and certification services at loading port

This quality inspection cargo control service during production services will be performed in the manufacturer's warehouse or at the forwarder's premises. The aim of this quality control is to verify, inspect your products, the quality and sizes, . . .as per specification of products.

AIM will perform:

  • The cargo quality inspect during production usually takes place when production reaches approximately 20% to maximum 50% of the total production, but we also inspect:raw materials, unfinished products and check the planning of production.

  • This early quality control, allows you to detect as early as possible: any potential issue, any recurrent defect and to evaluate the average product quality during the manufacturing.

  • Finally, you buy time, take sooner corrective actions, avoid extra costs and secure your business.

Yourf requirement:

  • Is my order being produced as agreed on P.O?

  • Is mass production quality same as approved sample?

  • Will the factory be able to deliver my goods on time?

  • How to keep pressure on my vendor for quality and time?


When? The quality control during production usually takes place when the production reaches approximately 20% to maximum 50% of the total order quantity. We will perform a close follow up of the production status with your factory in order to make sure we send the inspector at the right time.

Where? quality control during production carried out at the factory; anywhere in Vietnam & anyplace in worldwide

What? The cargo quality control during production, like the PSI, covers all the aspects of a regular quality inspection: product appearance (AIM's AQL inspection), workmanship quality, size measurements, weight check, functionality assortment, accessories, labeling & logos, packaging, packing and other tests and special requirements, depending on the product and the export market. The quality control pre-production will also cover the raw materials, unfinished products and the planning of production.

AIM's team of inspectors chooses a specific quantity of completed products - quantity according to AQL tables - and inspects them according to your specifications, requirements and according to our protocols and expertise.

After completion of the inspection, a fully detailed inspection report with pictures and comments is sent to you. Then you are able to Accept or Reject your shipment online.

Why? Because you might want to check if the production is running smoothly, especially if no quality control during production or no Factory Inspection Testing were performed during the first processes of the production, production and final production. Because you should keep pressure on your vendor shoulders and because trust is good, but control is better.

Benefit & Advantages of this QUALITY CONTROL and INSPECTION:

Performing a quality control during production and Inspection will allow you to:understand that

Why Quality Inspection Cargo Control and Certification services are important?

  • Early detect production discrepancies and mistakes.

  • Know what percentage of defects affects your production.

  • Implement the necessary corrective actions before it is too late!

  • Bargain with your vendor in case of quality issue

  • Avoid unexpected costs & delays.

  • Keep pressure on your vendor shoulders.

  • Show your client(s) you care.

  • Save time and secure your business!


Cargo quality control Inspection in Asia and worldwide are important simply because poor quality increase global cost of your order, and mainly you didn't expect it in advance. In the same time defective

Products give you trouble with your final customers, and you loose their trust by providing them non-conform products.

By inspecting products before shipment (Initial Production Inspection, During Production Inspection, Pre Shipment Inspection, Container Loading Inspection, 100% Full Inspection, Production Monitoring) you

Reduce considerably risks related to quality product in Vietnam & worldwide.

AIM's Quality Inspection Cargo Control Certification allows you to get a status of your production and an accurate situation of your products before you have to pay the balance of your goods. It' s not only

When your goods arrive to their destination port that you will have to send back your container, waste your time, run behind your supplier.

The principle involved in quality inspection is the early detection of defects and support of on-time delivery.


Why is it important to perform Factory Audit in seller's country before placing order?

  • It' s easy to understand why performing an audit in Vietnam is important when starting considering deposit you have to send to your supplier for mass production starting.

  • Via our Express Factory Audit services in Vietnam, you may check quickly and with an affordable price the reliability of your supplier, whereas with our SA 8000, ISO 9000, BSCI, C-TPAT audit you will be

  • able to reassure your final customer about compliance with recognized international standard regarding labor laws, children employment, and many other aspects allowing you to assess your supplier.

Among our factory audit services:

  • Express Factory Audit

  • ISO 9000 Factory Audit

  • SA 8000 Factory Audit

  • C-TPAT Factory Audit

  • BSCI Audit

Sampling - Testing - Analysis - Inspection - Certification

Because countries get special regulations, require special certificates, and check compliance and conformity with market of incoming products.

Certification for your imported goods before shipment.

Products testing and certification are performed and issued by accredited, certified, and recognized laboratories that we have partnership with. Hence, laboratory testing report provide by Vietnam Quality

Control are fully receivable by customs.

By using Testing & Certification via Vietnam Quality Control you will not pay more than working in direct with a lab. Moreover, we fully manage sample picking during your inspection on-site or by coordination

with your supplier. For you, it is no need to manage by distance relationship between factory and laboratory since we handle this task.

What are quality inspection cargo control and Certification services at unloading port

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