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Supervision services

Supervision Services

AIM Control Worldwide supervision services are to supervise transportation and/or transshipment operations where the material/cargo/goods/product is delivered and received at factories, warehouse, ports. . . Also supervises quantity and weighing operation, ensuring accuracy of the scales used. Our result of supervision confirmed total wet outturn weight/quantity.

AIM supervision services include, but are not limited to:

  • Representative sampling procedure from beginning to end

  • Samples preparation

  • Perform sealing of samples conjointly with the deliver/receiver

  • Detailed lot size, packages, marking results

  • The cleaning, free-smell, material of dunnage, lasing (if loading)

  • The cleaning, weeping and end collection of the material/cargo/goods/product (if discharging)

  • Tally of quantity

  • Sealing witness, unsealing witness

  • Collection of shipping document

  • Photos

  • Issuance of inspection report

  • Other specific contractual instructions

In addition, during loading operated, our inspectors and surveyors also ensure that tarpaulins are used to prevent spillage loss during discharge.

For other sectors, including the Agricultural Commodity:

  • Quality assurance

  • Quality control

  • The general appearance of the material

  • The packaging appearance

  • The number of packing cases

  • How the packing cases are marked

  • Contractual sampling and sealing

  • General cleanliness of transportation method

  • Stowed according to international transportation practices

  • Check audits

  • The stowage condition and stowage factor

  • The loading of the cargoes

  • Tally control

  • Other specific contractual observations

We document loading and discharge operation with several photographs and technical notes taken by our experienced staff. On completion of loading and discharge operation, we inform you immediately and send a final report including all of the required documentation.

The supervision report usually contains: NOR, information, inspection of the holds report, container report, copies of load port manifest, stowage plan, packing list, B/L, date and time of commence of loading / discharge, initial draft survey report, loading / discharge schedule, loading / discharge rate, detailed weight list of vehicles used for the discharge, sampling report of vehicles, gross and tare weights of vehicles, detailed moisture test results, calculations and comparison of net dry weights, comparison of weights with the receiver, duly signed and confirmed, critical analysis of discharge and dispatch of cargo, flow sheet of samples preparation, daily work and time sheet, photographs documenting our attendance and any additional information required by the contract.

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