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Cargo damage inspection services

Cargo damage inspection services

Cargo damage inspection services

Cargo Damage Inspection Services

When cargo of shipment is damaged/ shorted, the cargo damage inspection services / investigations are necessarily carried out by AIM Control independent surveyors to estimate the extent of damage and also to investigate the root cause of damage/loss for concerning parties have evidence for adjusting of claim before compensation.

How to investigate the cause of incident on goods of shipment in shipping?
How to control the damage and loss on your goods in shipment at the warehouse of receiver?
How to know accuracy the claim of alleged loss cargo value in damaged by receiver / buyer or others.
How to salvage your damage/loss.
How to acknowledge on liability of damage from who.

In international trade, business and shipping, air-freighter of cargo, when the shipment cargo damaged or loss occurred, it ‘s arising the liability of damage from concerning parties basing on causing of damage inspected by independent Surveyors/inspector’s of AIM Control.

Damaged cargo inspection services surveyors of AIM ControlDamaged cargo inspection services on sampling fro test and analysis AIM_ControlCargo_damage_inspection_services_AIM_Control

The main function of cargo damage inspection services are listed as follows 

  • Investigation on the cause of loss

  • The actual quantity and estimated dollar amount of the loss

  • Provide any report you can get, such as damage report.

  • An On Site Survey Check List and survey photos must provide to our attention within 24 hours of survey.

  • Advise and make recommendations to prevent loss & risk arising furthermore.

  • Salvage & Recovery (if can)


The following damage cargo inspection services / surveys are necessarily carried out by AIM Control independent experts:

  • Cargo damage survey services
  • Cargo & container damage inspection services
  • Cargo & Vessel accident investigation services
  • Incident and Accident others expertise

AIM Control's damage experts have a lot of experience through the implementation of multiple and continuous damage cargo inspection services in 30 years ago. From the risks such as damaged goods, collapsed cranes, ships collision accident and incident, fire and explosion, floods, traffic. . .

For AIM Control’s client are the seller, buyer, receiver, importer, exporter, ship-owner, charterer, ship technical operator, project owner, factory owner, customs office, seaport, P&I, underwriter, insurance, reinsurer and agency, court, attorney, adjuster, mutual survey and inspection companies . . .

Some AIM Control's experinces of cargo damage inspection services

Dispute compensation claim cargo is Aluminum scrap

 Cargo_damage_inspection_services - for Plastic scrap - AIM_Control



Appraise compensation for disputed goods is fruit

Cargo_damage_inspection_services - for fresh grapes - AIM_Control


Inspection of disputed goods is raw cashew nuts

Cargo_damage_inspection_services - for raw cashew nuts - AIM_Control



Appraised cargo damage claim is KIWI imported

Cargo_damage_inspection_services - for kiwi fruits - AIM_Control



Claims inspection of goods in dispute is imported flowers

Damaged cargo inspection services  - AIM_Control


Inspection of disputed shipment is animal feed

Cargo_damage_inspection_services - for animal feeds - AIM_Control

Cargo_damage_inspection_services_in_Vietnam - AIM_Control


Inspection of commodity disputes fertilizer:

Cargo_damage_inspection_services - for fertilizers in bulk & vessel - AIM_Control


Investigation of compensation claims due to fire and explosion

Inspection of compensation claims due to fire and explosion: - AIM_Control

AIM is a 3rd inspection company of witness experts offering and conduct the independent inspection services for all types of goods in losses and damage to customer and client who related in to claim and dispute.

All requirement for insurance claim investigation of Cargo & Maritime and Property & Auto carried out by AIM professionals who have over 30 years of experience with laboratories to support confidence in the integrity and scientific validity which result in qualitative and/or quantitative analysis findings in root of the nature of an incident.

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