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Classification / Register of Vessel Ship / Crew

Classification / Register of Vessel Ship / Crew

Classification / Register of Vessel Ship / Crew

Classification / Register of Vessel Ship / Crew inspection and certificate

AIM Control Inspection Group (AIM Control) was founded in 1993, as one of the first Recognized Organization (RO) and Marine Classification Society Agent, duly authorized by the Panamanian Government and Classification Register of Shipping to conduct statutory surveys, class and certification for Ship Classification / Register of Vessel Ship / Crew. Email.

Our Goal is offer a reliable, flexible and cost effective service, without compromising our great concern dedicated to ensuring the safety of life at sea, and the prevention of pollution of the marine environment.

For the above mentioned, our company operates under ISO -9001-2008, in compliance with IMO standards, AIM Control Inspection Group (AIM Control), these are a guaranty to offer a quality service.

In addition, AIM Control has established a network of qualified and experienced surveyors located in shipyards and major ports of the world to do the ship register inspection and survey for ship-ơners.

The Inspection Certificate of Crew Accommodation Panama issued by AIM to Korea Ship Owner


Purpose of Classification register of ship

For an annual, new and quadrate register of ships under the purposes of the ship is safety, fitness of seaworthiness and compliance with all international standards, codes & rules.

Your company will be able to request the Certificates under the following IMO Conventions: (PANAMA AND BELIZE FLAG) in Vietnam and others.

  1. SOLAS
  3. ISM
  4. ISPS
  5. CLASS (Hull and Machinery)
  • CICA – Certificate of Inspection of Crew Accommodation
  • Cargo Ship Safety Certificate
  • Cargo Ship Safety Radiotelephony Certificate
  • Fishing Vessel Safety Certificate
  • Minimum Safe Manning, Exemptions, Authorizations




AIM Control also offer the diving survey for class and underwater ship hull cleaning, propeller polishing, in water work others.

Types of Classification ship register

  • Container ships

  • Bulk carriers

  • Oil & chemical tankers

  • Gas carriers

  • Passenger ships

  • Offshore Service Vessels and Tugs

  • Yachts

  • Dredgers

  • Fishing vessels

  • Navy ships

  • Cargo ships

  • Roll-on, roll-off ships

  • Inland navigation vessels

  • Others

List of Classification Certificate of a ship and document

  • International Tonnage Certificate (1969)

  • International Load Line Certificate

  • International Load Line Exemption Certificate

  •  Coating Technical File

  • Construction drawings

  • Ship Construction File

  • Stability information

  • Minimum safe manning

  • Fire safety training manual

  • Fire control plan/booklet

  • Onboard training and drills record

  • Fire safety operational booklet

  • Training manual

  • Nautical charts and nautical publications

  • International Code of Signals

  • Records of navigational activities

  • Manoeuvring booklet Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

  • AIS test report

  • LRIT conformance test report

  • Certificates for masters, officers or ratings International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate

  • Oil Record Book

  • Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan

  • International Sewage Pollution Prevention Certificate

  • Garbage Management Plan

  • Garbage Record Book

  • Voyage data recorder system – certificate of compliance

  • Cargo Securing Manual

  • Document of Compliance

  • Safety Management Certificate

  • International Ship Security Certificate (ISSC) or Interim International Ship Security Certificate

  • Ship Security Plan and associated records Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)

  • International Anti-fouling System Certificate

  • Declaration on Anti-fouling System

  • International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate International Energy Efficiency Certificate

  • Ozone-depleting Substances Record Book

  • Fuel Oil Changeover Procedure and Logbook (record of fuel changeover

  • Manufacturer's Operating Manual for Incinerators

  • Bunker Delivery Note and Representative Sample

  • Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP)

  • EEDI Technical File  Technical File

  • Record Book of Engine Parameters

  • Exemption Certificate

  • Noise Survey Report

  • Ship-specific Plans and Procedures for Recovery of Persons from the Water

  • Emergency Towing Procedure Manual

  • Statement of Acceptance of the Installation of

  • Replacement Release and Retrieval System to an existing lifeboat

  • Cargo Ship Safety Construction Certificate

  • Cargo Ship Safety Equipment Certificate

  • Cargo Ship Safety Radio Certificate

  • Cargo Ship Safety Certificate

  • Document of authorization for the carriage of grain and grain loading manual

  • Certificate of insurance or other financial security in

  • respect of civil liability for oil pollution damage

  • Certificate of insurance or other financial security in respect of civil liability for bunker oil pollution damage Certificate of insurance or other financial security in respect of civil liability for oil pollution damage

  • Enhanced survey report file

  • Record of oil discharge monitoring and control system for the last ballast voyage

  • Oil Discharge Monitoring and Control (ODMC) Operational Manual

  • Cargo Information

  • Ship Structure Access Manual

  • Bulk Carrier Booklet

  • Crude Oil Washing Operation and Equipment Manual (COW Manual)

  • Condition Assessment Scheme (CAS) Statement of Compliance, CAS Final Report and Review Record

  • Subdivision and stability information

  • Document of Approval for Stability Instrument

  • HBL (Hydrostatic Balanced Loading) Operation Manual

  • STS Operation Plan and Records of STS Operations

  • VOC Management Plan

  • International Pollution Prevention Certificate for the

  • Carriage of Noxious Liquid Substances in Bulk (NLS Certificate)

  • Cargo record book

  • Procedures and Arrangements Manual (P & A Manual)

  • Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan for Noxious Liquid Substances

  • Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Dangerous

  • Chemicals in Bulk

  • International Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Dangerous Chemicals in Bulk

  • Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Liquefied Gases in Bulk

  • International Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of Liquefied Gases in Bulk

  • Document of compliance with the special requirements for ships carrying dangerous goods

  • Dangerous goods manifest or stowage plan

  • International Certificate of Fitness for the Carriage of INF Cargo

  • A Nuclear Cargo Ship Safety Certificate or Nuclear

  • Passenger Ship Safety Certificate, in place of the Cargo Ship Safety Certificate or Passenger Ship Safety Certificate, as appropriate.

  • Maintenance plans

  • Maritime Labour Certificate (MLC)

  • Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part I (DMLC

  • Set up by Flag State Authority

  • Declaration of Maritime Labour Compliance Part II (DMLC II)

  • Certificate of Compliance for ILO 92

  • Certificate of Compliance for ILO 133

  • Medical Certificate for ILO 73

  • Load Test Certificate for ILO 152

  • Register Book for ILO 152

Other Certificates and Documents which are not mandatory

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  • Special Purpose Ship Safety Certificate

  • Offshore Supply Vessel Document of Compliance

  • Certificate of Fitness for Offshore Support Vessels

  • Diving System Safety Certificate

  • Dynamically Supported Craft Construction and Equipment

  • Certificate

  • Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit Safety Certificate

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