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Container Inspection

Container Inspection

Container Inspection

Container Inspection

AIM Control works in this field offering container inspection to a recognized shipping company, carrying out, seal inspection, transshipment inspection, stuffing/loading inspection, quantity & quality goods inspection, condition cargo loading inspection, pre-shipment inspection, and cargo damage inspection. Email


AIM Control's team of shipping container surveyors is trained in the management of Goods, Dangerous Cargoes, these technical container inspections are carried out for  trained engineers certificate our clients a careful and safety inspection and a excellent report.

Also we conduct survey to establish the structural condition of containers, to provide a description of the damages which affect structural integrity according to IICL5 Code together with an estimate of the repairs cost.

Container Inspection Procedure of AIM Control Inspection Group

  • Procedures must be in place to verify the physical integrity of the container structure prior to stuffing, to include the reliability of the locking mechanisms of the doors.

  • Container 7-point inspection Process is recommended for all containers.

Inspection on main structure of container standards

  1. Outside/ Undercarriage (before entering facility)

  2. Inside/ Outside doors

  3. Right side

  4. Left Side

  5. Front Wall

  6. Ceiling/Roof

  7. Floor (Inside)



Container inspection checklist


  • Inspect  prior  to entering facility

  • Support beams should be visible

Outside/Inside Doors

  • Secure and reliable  locking mechanisms

  • Look for different color  bonding material

  • Loose Bolts

  • Plates and repairs

Right/Left Sides

  • Unusual  repairs  to structural beams.

  • Repairs to the walls on the inside of the container must be visible on the outside.

  • Use tool to tap side walls.

Front wall

  • Blocks and vents are visible.

  • Use tool to tap front  wall.      

  • Range finder, measuring tape and/or string can be utilized to determine the length of container.

Ceiling/  Roof

  • Ceiling is a certain  height  from floor.  Blocks & vents are visible.

  • Uncomfortable feeling  inside container.

  • Repairs to the ceiling on the inside  of the container should be visible on the outside.

  • Use tool to tap ceiling.


  • Floor should be a certain  height  from the ceiling

  • Floor should be flat.                !

  • Different floor  heights

  • Unusual  repairs



Point Tractor & Trailer Inspection Process

  • Procedures should be in place to verify the physical integrity of the trailer structure prior to stuffing, to include the reliability of the locking mechanisms of the doors.

  • Border crossing tractors & trailers should be inspected upon arrival at the domestic facility.

  • Point Tractor & Trailer Inspection Process is recommended for all trucks and trailers arriving from foreign.

  1. Bumper

  2. Engine

  3. Tires (truck & trailer)

  4. Floor

  5. Fuel Tanks

  6. Cab/ Storage Compartments

  7. Air Tanks

  8. Drive Shafts

  9. Fifth Wheel

  10. Outside/ Undercarriage

  11. Floor

  12. Inside/ Outside Doors

  13. Side Walls

  14. Ceiling Roof

  15. Front Wall

  16. Refrigerated Unit

  17. Exhaust

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