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Damage survey services

Damage survey services

Damage survey services

Damage survey services


Damage survey services is an inspection by AIM Control’s damage experts regarding to the damaged and for which an claim and dispute have been made between two parties (or others), in order to determine the extent and cause of damage. Email:, Cell: +84918615612



Purposes damage survey services

The purpose of a damage survey is found out the cause of damage in root, the extent of damage in actual, method of prevention loss / damage may be arisen, adjusting of claim as well as recommendations and estimates the costs, salvage & negotiation with professional consultancy.

Also measurement of all risks to be prevented in the future.


Scope of damage survey services

First is Damage survey in Transportation

Second is damage survey in Insurance and

Third is Damage inspection in Trade / Business.


Damage survey services in Transportation/shipping

In transportation, the objects are goods, commodity, equipment, product, . . .are transported from this place to other place, the risks factors may be arisen to cause damage and loss on it but nobody could be known root of damage cause and damage extent.
AIM Control offer an independent experts and damage surveyors who have responsibility to investigate these damages and losses to the object or shipment in transportation period to report and certify the root of CAUSE, EXTENT of damages and losses, SALVAGE and others for customers are ship-owners, Chatterer, Ship Manager, Buyers, Sellers, PNI and others parties who request AIM Control’s damage survey services.

Ex: Some of the typical types of damage survey / losses investigations include: 

  • Boat Trailer Accidents

  • Leaking Fuel Tanks

  • Fire / Arson

  • Pollution Mitigation

  • Severe Weather

  • Sinking

  • Weather

  • Indifferently

  • Enemy sabotage

  • Nature of the goods

  • Collision

  • Allision 

  • Groundings

  • Striking Submerged

  • Objects

  • Mechanical Problems

  • Negligence

  • Natural disasters

  • Strikes

  • External others factors


Ex: A damage survey report typically includes: 

  • Reported circumstances of the damage

  • Statements from owners, operators and witnesses

  • Witness and Identification, description

  • Description of damages

  • Opinion as to the cause of loss

  • Review of repair estimates for reasonableness

  • If no estimates, Preparation of a Damage Appraisal 

  • Pre-Loss and Post-Loss valuation

  • Salvage

  • Others actions

See more the AIM Control’s Damage survey for Shipping=>



Damage survey services in Insurance and Claimer

In insurance and insured, an object or shipment is covered via Insurance Policy on all risks or partial risk from warehouse of seller to warehouse of consignee (buyer), from loading port to discharging port, at sea, from place of delivery to place of receiving, when goods and cargo are found damaged and / or losses based on statement, as Marine Cargo Insurance Surveyors or Ship Goods Claim Inspectors, AIM Control’s damage experts will conduct the damage survey in insurance companies or claimers to assess the damages and losses to damage goods.

See more the AIM Control’s Damage survey for Insurance and Claimer=>


06 main steps of AIM Control carrying out one job of Damage survey for Insurance underwriter or Claimer

  • Report the loss or damage immediately upon taking delivery of cargo. While the shipment is insured, you should first contact your insurance company and report the loss or damage to them, and then notify

  • Survey for the damaged cargo (preferably while the cargo is still untouched). If possible, this should be a joint survey together

  • The extent and possible cause of the damage have to be considered before submitting a fully-documented claim with your insurance company.

  • A well-documented claim will facilitate the handling process and speed up the outcome, therefore the documentation should be consisted of the followings in your claim. Statement of claim (claim amount and cause of damage)

  • When receives the claim survey requirement, we will acknowledge receipt and the claim will then be processed. The time limitation of acceptance will be one year after delivery of the Goods or the date when the Goods should have been delivered according to the terms and conditions of Yang Ming's Bill of Lading and/or related international/local law.

  • AIM Control confirm you know our findings as soon as possible. In general, the claim will be assessed according to legal liability as Bills of Lading, tariffs, and by-law and/or communication with claimant due to extreme circumstances


Damage survey services in Trade / Business

In trade and business, an object or shipment is traded buyer and seller via PO/ Sell & Buy Contract. While quality and other standards of object or shipment deviated from commitment / contract, as third party inspection, AIM Control’s damage inspectors will conduct the damage survey to find the deviated and issuance the quality survey report on witness.

See more the AIM Control’s Damage inspection for Trade / Business=>


Damage investigations to objects

  • H&M damage survey

  • Vessel collision damage survey

  • Cargo Damage Survey

  • Goods damage control

  • Loss Adjusting

  • Dispute damage survey

  • Surveying Marine Damage

  • Insurance Surveys

  • Damage Assessment survey

  • Marine Damage Surveys

  • Damage investigation

  • Damage consultancy

  • Ocean Cargo Loss or Damage Survey

  • Damage surveyor

  • Damage cargo surveyor / inspector

  • Damage marine surveyor

  • Damage insurance surveyor

  • Damage independent surveyor

  • Damage claimer surveyor

  • Damage Expert

  • Loss adjuster

  • Damage surveying

  • Certificate in Cargo Surveying

  • Investigation and ascertainment of damage

  • Vessel Damage Surveys

  • Investigations and Casualty

  • Survey of ship structural damage

  • Damage survey to Fertilizer & agricultural product

  • Damaged survey to Goods Claim

  • Survey & Claims Settling

  • Insurance Adjusters Survey

  • Hull Damage Survey

  • Machinery damage survey

  • Cargo damage survey

  • Commodity damage survey

  • Product damage survey

  • Consignment damage survey

  • Damage claim survey

  • Damage dispute survey

  • Damage survey for insurance

  • Damage survey for buyers

  • Damage survey for ship-owner

  • Damage survey for chatterer

  • Damage survey and loss prevention

  • Dispute survey for seller

  • Third party survey for Court

  • Salvage for damage of cargo

  • Salvage for damage of vessel

  • Salvage for damage of properties

  • Ascertain circumstances and cause of the collision

  • Inspect damages suffered by both ships

  • Daily checking of repairs owing to the collision

  • Determinate the extent of damages suffered by the ship

  • Various meeting on board and with the parties

  • Give assistance to any P & I  Club requirement

  • Preparing and send preliminary reports

  • Issue final report

  • Bad Weather Hull damage

  • Ascertain circumstances and cause of the damage

  • Examination of all damaged parts

The relative actions of surveying as Damage Control and Loss Prevention

For dry cargo supervision:

  • Draft Survey

  • Tally services

  • Re-Weighing 

  • Supervision of Loading / Discharging 

  • Superintendence of Dry Bulk Cargo 

  • Pre-loading Cargo Survey

  • Quantity / Quality Verification of Goods

  • Loss Prevention Consultation & Practical Solution

  • Lashing / Choking & Securing Supervision / Assessment

For liquid cargo assessment:

  • Ullage Survey

  • OBQ / ROB Measurements

  • Measurement Survey on Shore Tanks

  • Bunker Survey

  • Liquid Cargo Damage Survey

  • Supervision of Loading / Unloading

For non marine investigation:

  • Site Survey

  • Inspection on behalf of Underwriters, P & I Associations.

  • Consultants & Assessors

  • Inland Warehouse / Silo Cargo Inspection.

  • Marine Survey

  • On / Off Hire Survey

  • Hatch Cover Watertight Testing

  • Suitability Survey

  • Holds / Tank Cleanliness Inspection

  • Sealing / Unsealing Hatch Covers & Entries

  • Salinity Testing

  • Investigation of Marine Accidents

  • Technical Examination of Vessels

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