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IMDG Cargo Inspection

IMDG Cargo Inspection

IMDG Cargo Inspection

IMDG Cargo Inspection Certificate services

IMDG Cargo Inspection Certificate services are identified and approved for Dangerous Goods and its packing are suitable safety for shipping as International Maritime Shipping Code.

IMDG is International Maritime Dangerous Goods (Cargo).

Dangerous cargoes are carried on ships worldwide on a daily basis. Usually the voyages take place without problems. But when things goes wrong, whether you are the ship-owner, the cargo owner or the charterer, you will need prompt legal advice and IMDG Survey Approval Certificate issued by AIM Surveyors who are also industry experts.

Dangerous cargo cases are one of the few areas of maritime law where the shipowner has a potential claim against cargo interests, rather than the other way round.

Prevention is better than cure, we handled to inspection and certification for at all type of Dangerous goods and cargo due to the dangerous nature of cargo packaged and loaded. If you need advice about loading or carrying a dangerous cargo, we also can support.


B/L is Bills of lading

A Bill of Lading has three (03) basic purposes (roles), namely,

  • Evidence of Contract of Carriage

  • Receipt of Goods and

  • Document of Title to the goods

AIM Control's experts advise Ship's Master / Capt. on issuing clean or marked bills, endorsing them to third parties, delivering cargo without bills or to different ports and deviation and delays on the voyage and prevention on dispute and claim in the future arising accident / incident.


IMDG Cargo Inspection Certificate and IMDG Surveyors

The AIM Control's safety surveyors designated as inspectors, carry out inspections in local ports using relevant IMO codes and guidelines as standards.  

A formal inspection assistance is in place to ports with appropriate training team, to the main container terminals, to assist in compliance with the IMDG Code and the Safe Containers Convention Act.  

The results of these inspections are delivered to the Client that allows for recording and management of dangerous goods inspections.  

We carry out trainings for IMDG handling and supervision, in order to keep our team and our clients up to date regarding new regulations, last information and refreshing of handling dangerous goods in containers.

After inspecting and surveying the packaged of dangerous goods at the site of shipper / seller, AIM issues the IMDG Certificate certified that, this shipment is suitable for safety loading on board to safety transport at sea.

Inspection of dangerous goods packaging for safety shipping

AIM Control Inspection Group personnel are trained to inspect / survey as well as supervision or consultant for packing or re-packing all types of hazardous goods in accordance to IATA and maritime (IMDG) regulations.

Inspection of Packaging & Supply provides consultancy on product classifications, required packaging, storage and rules and regulations relating to the carriage of hazardous goods by air (IATA/ICAO-IT), ocean (IMDG) and road (ADR). Besides, AIM Control is also able to collect or consultant shippers' declaration on dangerous goods consignment on behalf of the shipper.

Compliance Inspection

  • Inspection of Classification & MSDS Management

  • Inspection of Compliance with IATA & IMDG regulations

  • Inspection of Packaging / repackaging

  • Inspection of Marking, Labeling and Documentation

  • Inspection of Emergency Response

  • Inspection of Door to door Delivery & Collection

AIM Control Inspection Group Services of IMDG

  •  Inspection of Dangerous Goods Packaging.

  • Inspection of Repackaging service onsite.

  • Inspection of Dangerous Goods inspection which include labeling.

  • Inspection of Preparation of Dangerous Goods Declaration.

  • Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor.

  • Inspection of Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air.

  • Inspection of dry ice & packaging



ISSUING-ORGANIZATION: AIM Control Inspection Group


These Inspection / Measures of AIM Control Inspection Group are enacted in accordance with the Regulations on the Inspection of Import and Export Commodities of all of countries, with reference to the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (hereinafter referred to as the IMDG Code) and with a view to strengthening the inspection and control of the packaging of dangerous goods for export by sea, in order to ensure the safety of production, human life and transportation, as well as to promote exports.

AIM Control Inspection Group providing all commodity inspections are in charge of the supervision and control of the inspection of the packaging of dangerous goods for export by sea and will carry out appraisals of performance and application with regard to the packaging of dangerous export goods.

Clients of AIM Control Inspection Group are directly responsible for the packaging of those goods. They must correctly select and utilize the packaging for dangerous goods, arrange for appropriate storage and transportation and for every safety precaution to be taken in accordance with the relevant rules and regulations.

AIM Control Inspection Group providing Inspection of packaging of dangerous export goods for export by sea must be sturdy and sufficiently solid so as to withstand all the normal risks of handling and sea transportation. Inspection of quality of materials and the forms and inspection of methods of packing containers shall be suitable to the nature of the dangerous goods intended to be packed therein.

Packaging of dangerous goods for export by sea must be strictly inspected and examined by AIM Control Inspection Group in the course of production, business dealings, use, storage, handling and transportation by all parties concerned.


The manufacturers of packing containers for dangerous for export by sea shall register themselves with a commodity inspection of AIM Control Inspection Group.

Manufacturers must, in accordance with the requirements of the IMDG Code, organize the production of packaging for dangerous goods, establish a testing system, provide personnel and equipment to carry out the testing and strengthen quality control and testing of their products under controlled by AIM Control Inspection Group

Manufacturers should, on the basis of the satisfactory results of their own testing, apply to AIM Control Inspection Group for performance appraisal. The criteria and specifications, technical processes and the results of their own testings shall be submitted when applying. Should the criteria and specifications or technical processes need to be changed within the effective period of approval after inspection, the manufacturers shall promptly reapply to AIM Control Inspection Group.

All packing containers must be embossed, printed or marked with the manufacturers' code numbers approved by AIM Control Inspection Group as well as the lot numbers.

For containers with a stable performance and which fully conform with the requirements of the IMDG Code, manufacturers may apply to AIM Control Inspection Group for Inspection Stamps.


Factories manufacturing dangerous goods will use packing containers which have a performance appraisal certificate issued AIM Control Inspection Group, in accordance with the requirements of the IMDG Code. Packing containers provided by foreign merchants themselves may be used if the attached performance appraisal certificate certifies that it is in conformity with the requirements of the IMDG Code.

When plastic containers or interior-coated containers are to be used for dangerous liquid substances, factories manufacturing the dangerous goods shall only use such containers after results of chemical compatibility tests have proven them to be acceptable.

Factories which produce dangerous goods should establish and perfect a system of testing the application of the packing containers and apply to AIM Control Inspection Group for an inspection of the use of the packing containers lot by lot. The product name, nature and classification of dangerous goods for export should be stated on the application form when applying.


AIM Control Inspection Group will carry out the inspection of the packaging of dangerous goods for export by sea and issue an appraisal certificate at the applicant's request. The inspection will consist of a performance appraisal and a use appraisal.

AIM Control Inspection Group authorities may, according to different conditions and needs, adopt appropriate methods of inspection, such as lot-by-lot inspection, periodical inspection or random checking.

AIM Control Inspection Group’s Inspectors of the packaging of dangerous export goods must be familiar with the nature of the dangerous goods, the performance criteria of the packaging containers, relevant rules on transportation, and master the technology of testing.


Export operation departments will examine and accept the packed dangerous goods based upon performance appraisal certificates and use appraisal certificate issued by AIM Control Inspection Group.

Storage and transportation departments shall in the course of loading, unloading, transportation and storage, strictly forbid rough handling in order to prevent the breakage of packing containers and the leakage of dangerous goods. If leakage or breakage of packing containers is found, it shall be promptly reported to the relevant departments so that the matter can be handled appropriately. At the same time an investigation should be conducted to determine the cause and responsibility, to correct any procedural loopholes and keep necessary records.

Port authorities should arrange the shipment of dangerous export goods based on performance and use appraisal certificates issued AIM Control Inspection Group. Packaging be strictly examined to ascertain if it corresponds to that on the certificates. Packaging should also be checked for such irregularities as breakage, leakage, pollution, serious rust or corrosion, etc. Dangerous goods with packaging which does not conform to requirements will not be allowed to be stored or loaded on board ship.




When carrying out the appraisal of packaging for dangerous goods to be exported by sea, AIM Control Inspection Group shall collect appropriate fees.

Should applicants lodge an objection to the findings of the appraisal they may apply for a re-appraisal to be carried out.

Ex. For issuance of AIM Vanning Certificate

AIM is third party inspection carried out on Vaning Certificate issue after AIM Vanning Survey processing done.

AIM Vanning Certificate required on every shipment every single container. The main issue is about temperature and dead space when good loading on container. Its important as standard operating procedure if any burning case on carrying this product.

Cost of Vanning survey is depend on Factory location as the AIM surveyor need to be on place on every stuffing.

Cargo is packed in accordance with IMDG Code.

  • Packaging should be impervious to air & in good condition, & must not be torn.
  • Temperature of cargo should not be more than 5 degree C above the ambient temp
  • There should be no burning smell or presence of smoke during vanning
  • Void space of 30 cm must be left on top of cargo & at door end to assist fire fighting.

Please kindly review Marine Survey of AIM Control inspection Group

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