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Inspection and escorts services

Inspection and escorts services

Inspection and escorts services

Inspection and escorts services:

AIM Control is a leader in providing shipment inspection services and transportation means escorts from loading place to unloading place to ensure the shipment is not shortage of quantity and quality discrepancies called inspection and escorts services.

Under certain agreed terms and based on specific general conditions of inspection and escorts services argeement, AIM Control furnishes trade inspection of risk, loss, damage to cargo, goods, products between 02 countries importing / exporting, mainly for investigating of weight and quality discrepancies.

The inspection and escorts services provide for finding of shortages or quality differences ascertained between loading of exporting country and discharge of importing country. Any combination of these services is available; our aim is to offer clients optimal tailor-made assistance within the framework of their commercial transactions.

Full Outturn Inspection.

By inspection of the outturn weight of a consignment, AIM Control finding weight differences between loading of exporting country and discharge of importing country, in accordance with the customs of the port and/or contract terms , and attributable to  trade loss and/or errors in loading, weighing, gauging and measuring and/or petty theft.

Comprehensive Cover inspection.

The inspection and escorts also covers marine insurance (as well as war, strikes, riots and civil commotion insurance) placed on behalf and for account of the client with first class underwriters. AIM Control is agent of  insurance companies.

Full Outturn Quality Inspection.

The idea of this Full Outturn Quality Inspection is, as in the case of weight inspection, to relieve clients of major trade risk and related worries. AIM Control inspection to find the discrepancies in quality between loading and discharge between 02 countries.

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Inspection and escorts services of AIM inspector teams carried out for the Isuzu vehicle systems in Vietnam, Laos, Campania and Thailand.

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