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Marine survey

Marine survey

Marine survey

Marine survey services

Long time seafaring and ashore for an maritime inspection / marine survey profession with Degree accredited by International WITH OVER 50 YEARS OF EXPERINCE.

  • Who is a marine surveyor or maritime inspector?

  • What is marine survey or maritime inspection?

  • What is the phrase "independent", "warranty" and “expert witness” in marine surveying?

  • When do you need a marine survey or maritime inspection services?

  • How will your rights be protected when requesting AIM to perform a marine survey service?

  • Are ships and cargo on board anchored at a buoying at sea or berthing in a remote port, does AIM marine surveyor meet your requirement?

  • How long will the AIM marine surveyor be available at the ship when you order?

  • How many years of experience of a marine surveyor to be able to protect you in any situation?

  • Why is the profession of marine surveyor who required at least the Captain or Chief Engineer and the senior in same field?

  • There are many questions related to profession, ability, experience, reputation, etc., for this position


What are maritime survey / marine survey services

In shipping, there are two objects of carrier and goods. AIM marine surveyor who conducts marine surveying, inspection of marine vessels to expert witness and report on her technical condition and goods carriage.


In marine investigation of claim, One of AIM marine survey services are the marine damage investigation caused to both vessels and cargo after incident of threats at sea and accident in port.

In marine loss prevention and shipping control, AIM carries out the marine warranty survey, approval of certification before voyage and clerk tallying services of quantity during loading and discharging

AIM maritime inspector inspects ship’s hull, engine, machinery, equipment and others either all kinds of new vessels in drying-dock building or repairing to ensure compliance with various standards or specifications of IMO and purchase order of ship-owner with shipyard.

In purchase of marine vessels,  the buyers or ship broker who will request AIM to conduct the pre-purchase marine vessel survey of condition and valuable of ship.

In chartering, AIM conducts the marine on-hire inspection for delivery, marine off-hire survey for re-delivery with attached services of Remaining Bunker Onboard Survey, seaworthiness survey for navigation.


In shipping, AIM services at pre-loading survey, loading supervision, draft survey for cargo in bulk (weight control), vol. measurement for general cargo, ullage of quantity sounding & weight survey for cargo of liquid. at discharging port with job of outturn cargo survey, prevention of damage / loss and tallying of cargo services, lashing & securing controlling and marine consultancy

In entry the ship-owners club of insurance, we are PNI correspondent to carry out marine cargo survey services to protect for owners as PNI member against the claim of third parties from cause, extent of damage or loss to salvage and report immediately with consulting to Captain of ship

In water, AIM marine divers conduct underwater works as underwater hull cleaning, propeller polishing, marine diving survey for class, purchasing, for underwater in lieu of dying docking (UWILD).

The above mentioned maritime inspection / marine survey are only some services of AIM marine & offshore. See more types of marine survey

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