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Maritime ship services

Maritime ship services

Maritime ship services

Maritime ship services

 AIM Control (AIM Group®offers Maritime ship services of maritime shipment inspection and services and marine shipping survey and services

Marine shipping survey and services are the acts to control of transferring the cargo from port to port, place to other places controlling a carrier as trucks, wagon, lighters, lash, ship, vessel in safety condition

Maritime shipment survey and services are the jobs to verify of the cargo being transferred as weight & quantity, quality & specification, packing & shipping marks, label & original, condition & stowage, lashing & securing.


Main of AIM Control's maritime ship services and surveys

  1. Shipyard

  2. New Building

  3. Repairs

  4. Automation

  5. Electrical

  6. Electronics

  7. Machinery

  8. Engineering

  9. Equipment

  10. Pneumatic

  11. Safety

  12. Loading & Discharging

  13. Dunnage & Lashing

  14. Audit & Pre-vetting

  15. Surveys & inspection

  16. Investigation & Adjusting

  17. Diving & Underwater working

  18. Towage & Approving

  19. Rescue & Salvage

  20. Certification

  21. Approving

  22. Supply & Boats

  23. Insurance & Underwriting

  24. Consultancy

  25. Stevedore

  26. Tallying & Supervising

  27. Agents

  28. Authority & port

  29. Law & Dispute

  30. Average & Loss

  31. Prevention & Control

  32. Management

  33. Superintendent

  34. Classification / Register

  35. Others

 AIM Control (AIM Group®) maritime ship services are completely flexible and a Client may, of course, choose to use all or only part of these services.

The Marine Integrated Systems team can consist of Master Mariners, Marine Engineers, Port State Control Inspectors, Port Wardens, Tackle Inspectors, Naval Architects, Hull/Coatings/Outfitting Inspectors, Marine Supervisors, Mechanical, Electrical, Design Engineers and Marine Safety and Security Inspectors.  All are selected by us to provide the highest degree of expertise and service for each project, as per the Clients requirements.

The solution of maritime ship services that is right for you!

 AIM Control (AIM Group®) staff of highly trained and experienced professionals can offer a wide range of maritime ship services

Our experienced marine technicians are in a position to conduct almost all kinds of electrical issues on vessels and their equipment. By attending various training courses put on by the manufacturers, our technicians are always improving their skills and abilities.

The ability to attract, develop and retain the best people is key to  AIM Control (AIM Group®) Marine Integrated Systems continuing success. We have brought in the top people in their fields from within Vietnam and abroad, ensuring Marine Integrated Systems has a global perspective on it's marine services.

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