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Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering expediting services

Through its global network and extensive expertise, Mechanical engineering and Project management of AIM Control is uniquely positioned to provide its clients with project control services. AIM Control can provide a range of services through each stage of the project, from design and fabrication, procurement, shipping, construction to operation.


Mechanical matters are taking work out of the hands of our customers, AIM Control coordinates the different steps in review, verification, inspection, testing and approval. And moreover, we help you run the project involves:

  • Establish certification requirements.

  • Review bids for technical, QA and commercial aspects.

  • Carry out pre-qualification of suppliers and sub-contractors.

  • Prepare Inspection Plans.

  • Review suppliers QA/QC procedures.

  • Carry out inspection and expediting during manufacture.

  • Carry out witness tests.

  • Control of quantities, packing and marking.

  • Control of loading.

  • Supervision and inspection on site during construction.

  • Supply of technical specialists of all disciplines.

  • Non-Destructive Testing.

  • Health and Safety audits.

  • Environmental audits.

Thanks to AIM Control Industrial Services project management, our customers can spend their time on what really should get their full attention.

Mechanical engineering of AIM Control can be witness and expertise in electric generators, internal combustion engines, and steam and gas turbines, Boiler, Material Handling System, Desalination Equipment, refrigeration and air-conditioning, elevators with ranging from industries such as agriculture and automotive to construction, engines and power generation. 

  1. Dynamics
  2. Energy Systems
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Material Science
  5. Mechanical Design

AIM Control’s mechanical engineers are with licensure, supervised work experience 30 yrs, and examinations upadted.

Please kindly refer to one of our Expediting Services (Open Drain Caisson) at Vung Tau, Vietnam


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