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Petroleum industry inspection and Liquid product survey

Petroleum industry inspection and Liquid product survey

Petroleum industry inspection and Liquid product survey

Petroleum industry inspection and Liquid product survey services

 AIM Control (AIM Group®) group provides jobs of petroleum industry inspections and liquid product surveys services and certification and tests for equipment in the oil and gas industry. from upsteam to downstream segments.

The laboratory applies ASTM, ISO, IP standards and other recognized methods and processes. In addition, AIM Control (AIM Group®) has a team of problem solving experts, who are involved in researching and developing international standards. We are the world leader in providing inspection, sampling, and testing services to petrochemical industry companies worldwide.

 AIM Control (AIM Group®) inspection services are provided in the oil and gas industry for the safety of equipment and people in the use, exploitation of petrochemicals and the consumption of products that meet specialized standards by the petroleum inspectors, expediters and experts as well Teams of technician, operators, delivery dispatchers, project associates, superintendent, engineers, marine schedulers, supervisors, storekeepers, coordinators, analyst, specialist and managers in petroleum services and activities.. 


The Petroleum industry inspection and Liquid product survey services provided by AIM

  • Petroleum Services and Liquefied Products and Package Chemicals

  • Test catalog of Petroleum & Petroleum products and Liquefied chemicals

  • Inspection of Petroleum Equipment & Testing of Petroleum Products

  • Testing of Petroleum & Liquefied Products and refined products

  • Testing of Petroleum Equipment & Liquefied Products

  • Trace metal analysis

  • Analysis of metal components in petroleum products

  • Laboratory of Petroleum & Liquefied Products

  • Inspection of oil and gas equipment

  • Inspection of liquefied products

  • Additive blending service

AIM Control (AIM Group®) provides testing services for petrol, liquefied chemicals to support the inspection and quality inspection of products.

With a team of technicians trained in professional standards along with the most modern analytical equipment such as Gas Chromatography (GC), plasma emission spectrometer (ICP OES), and determination machines water content determination (Karl Fischer), mercury meter (Mercury SP3D Analyzer), etc. Our Petrochemical Laboratory is committed to providing our customers with the best gasoline and liquefaction testing service available today.

Accredited to the annual assessment and accreditation according to ISO17025 (International Standard for Laboratory Accreditation meeting General Requirements for Testing and Calibration Requirements) by VILAS, we are seriously committed to bringing We provide you with the best testing service, using internationally accepted standard and testing methods such as ASTM, ISO, IP, etc. Ensure to provide customers with test results with high accuracy.

Petroleum products that have been tested and inspected including

  • Alcohol (Ethanol)

  • Crude oil

  • Fuel Oil

  • Diesel Oil

  • Gasoline (Mogas), Condensate (Condensate), Napta Oil (Naphtha)

  • Jet turbine aviation fuel, Jet A1, kerosene (Kerosene)

  • Base oil: SN 15-500, SB, SBS, Lubricant

  • Solvents, Liquefied chemicals

  • Liquefied gases

  • Nature Air

  • Coal fuel

  • Other petroleum products

  • All types of equipment used in oil and gas industry


AIM's Petroleum industry inspection and Liquid product survey services from upstream, midstream to downstream

  • Equipment and machinery fabrication, shipping and installation

  • Exploration

  • Drilling

  • Production

  • Manufacturing

  • Oil refining

  • Maintenance and replacement

  • Supply and trading

  • Product and distribution

  • Wholesale and retail


Inspection of liquefied chemicals and quality analysis

AIM Control (AIM Group®) provides customers with professional inspection and analytical services for Bulk Liquefied Chemicals globally. With a wide 24/7 service, Group of AIM Control (AIM Group®) can provide both services related to volume and quality inspection services.

Inspection in forwarding and inventorying of petrochemicals and liquefied chemicals

  • Coordinate global expertise

  • Measure the goods

  • Control the air environment

  • Sampling of liquefied chemical products

  • Clean inspection of cargo hold and quantity and quality inspection services for liquefied chemicals

  • Freight liquid

  • Automatic sampling

  • Investigate discrepancies of goods

  • Take samples according to recognized standards

  • Transport the sample to the laboratory

  • Analyze and save samples

  • Additive blending service

  • Petrochemical analysis

AIM Control (AIM Group®) has been assessing goods since 1993, operating extensively in the areas of business, storage and transportation of liquefied and petrochemical products and as a member. of IFIA.

Inspection services for liquefied chemicals

  • Inspection services for liquefied chemicals from A-Z

  • Petrochemical analysis list

  • Inspection and testing of Potash, Caustic Soda, Paraffin Wax


Measurement of liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks

LNG tank measurement service of AIM Control (AIM Group®) provides accurate tank capacity of vessels and tanks based on LNG tanks.

Measurement of LNG ship hold

Measuring LNG shipyard is the first step at the shipyard, before it is shipped. For used ships, the measurement of LNG hold is conducted at the time of repair or at the time of arrival. Perform into the tunnel and measure to have a high accurate ship barem, used for the purpose of bartering.

There are two main types of LNG tunnel design used throughout the LNG industry. The spherical design type (Moss Rosenberg) and the membrane type (Gaz Transport / Technigaz) of LNG tunnels account for 98% of the current LNG tank. Each design has its own characteristics that need to be assessed to accurately determine dimensions, analyze the thermal effects of the materials used to build a tank, and calculate any adjustments or adjustments (inclination). , deviations, density, temperature, etc.) needed to convert the measured liquid cargo level to an accurate liquid volume.

Measurement of LNG shore tanks

Most shore LNG tanks are designed to be cylindrical and are measured similarly to other cylindrical tanks (crude oil, gasoline, etc.). As well as LNG hatches, pay special attention to the thermal effects of the materials that make up the tank to determine and calculate any adjustments and corrections necessary to convert the measured liquid cargo level to a liquid volume.

Government regulations and industry standards

The measurement of Tankers and shipyard of AIM Control (AIM Group®) group is under the guidance of customers in accordance with the industry regulations and standards that have been disseminated along with the regulations approved by the government in Australia, Qatar, South Korea, Japan, India, Italy, Indonesia, Malaysia, Oman, USA and other countries.


Crude Oil Testing and inspection services

Testing of Crude Oil at laboratory

Crude oil testing laboratories conduct detailed analysis and evaluation of the composition of hydrocarbons. The AIM Control (AIM Group®) Group's crude oil testing laboratories are operated by petrochemical specialists with state-of-the-art equipment. AIM Control (AIM Group®) VALUATION JOINT STOCK COMPANY operates a system of leading independent crude oil testing laboratories, with a team of experts and capacity to fully meet the requirements for crude oil and fertilizer analysis.

  • Testing of Crude Oil and Petroleum Materials & Liquefied Products

  • Crude oil testing and information

Crude oil analysis tests include the general characteristics of crude oil and individual products produced by fractional distillation. Crude analysis data is used by customers for each petrochemical refining application and the Crude Oil market. Raw material analysis data can help refineries optimize the filtration process.

Services available

  • Supervision of loading and unloading

  • Measurement and calculation of quantity contained in ship-tanks

  • Measurement and calculation of quantity contained in shore-tanks

  • Bunker survey

  • Visual inspection of ship-tanks, pumps and pipelines for cleanliness

  • Ship-tank suitability survey

  • Sampling of cargo according to instructions

  • Analyzing and testing

  • Loss, damage and contamination survey

  • Calibration for shore-tanks

Products for inspection

  • Crude oil, gasoline, air plane fuel

  • Diesel oil, fuel oil , liquefied petroleum gas, raw gas, asphalt

  • Liquid cargo, chemicals

Evaluating analysis of Petroleum & Liquefied Products

Distillation in the atmosphere and vacuum produces distillation segments and residues similar to the actual petrochemical refining process. The analysis of general crude oil properties gives data including sulfur, nitrogen content, viscosity, fluidity under refrigeration and metal content. Analysis of each type of hydrocarbons in gaseous crude oil was also conducted.

  • Testing of Crude Oil and Petroleum & Liquefied Products

  • Testing of Petroleum & Liquefied Products

  • Shale oil and gas services

  • Inspection of Petroleum & Liquefied Products

  • Crude oils

  • Oil Tests and inspect services provided by AIM

  • Monitoring loading and unloading at the ship, at the tank

  • Measurement and calculation of cargo volumes at ship's storage tanks

  • Measurement and calculation of cargo weight at the tank.

  • Inspection of fuel tanks and tank trucks

  • Visual inspection to determine the cleanliness of tank tanks, pumps and piping

  • Take samples as required

  • Analyze the samples according to international standards as required.

  • Inspection of the situation of contaminated, damaged, damaged goods and determining the cause


Benefits when using the service

  • We help you determine the quantity and quality of liquid goods according to the terms and conditions of the sales contract

  • We help you determine the suitability of a vessel, tank truck and tank according to the contract of carriage and storage.

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