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Production Monitoring

Production Monitoring

Production Monitoring

Production Monitoring and Quality Inspection

The results of production monitoring process and quality products will be daily reported by AIM Control to customer to review order in time at oversea.


Detailed Product Description

  • Get your production monitored for X days

  • Get daily reports about the production issues and status

  • We will sort the defectives items out (critical /major / minor)

  • We will give recommendations to the factory for corrective actions

Your request

How to supervise my production in Vietnam & worldwide?

What are the production processes ?

What is the factory's quality control processes ?

How to get professional feedback on a daily basis ?

When? The production monitoring (PM) will take place during the production. You are the one to choose how man-days you want to allocate our professional and experienced inspector(s).

Where? At your manufacturer’s premises, anywhere in Vietnam & Worldwide.

What? The experienced inspector will check the different production lines, the manufacturing processes and will give advices to your vendor and factory while also checking the manufactured products.

Why? Because you don’t know how much good will and what resources your vendor and factory will put into producing your order(s)


Benefit & Advantages of production monitoring & quality control your prod

Performing a fabricated monitoring at manufactories will allow you to:

  • Early detect production discrepancies and mistakes.
  • Implement the right QC checks and production processes.
  • Know what percentage of defects affects your production.
  • Implement the necessary corrective actions timely.
  • Bargain with your vendor in case of quality issue.
  • Avoid unexpected costs & delays.
  • Keep strong pressure on your vendor shoulders.
  • Show your client(s) you care.
  • Save time and secure your business!

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Written : AIM Control
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