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Tallying and Surveying services

Tallying and Surveying services

Tallying and Surveying services

Tallying and Surveying services

What is the purpose of tallying and surveying services?

Tallying and surveying services with the purpose of calculating the quantity of goods in trade, in shipping and in the delivered / received in accordance with the prescribed Contracts and preventing losses or against complaints.

Goods tallying service is the performance of counting the actual quantity of goods (unit) in a shipment during delivery or receipt with ships, containers or other means of transportation, under entrusted by the shipper company, the consignee / receiver or the shipping line, agent, logistics and supply chain organization in order to complete the results of tallying in quantity, volume (weight) and physical quality (visual condition).

It also checks and classifies goods according to the type of and characteristics or label & marking.


Tallying and surveying services at the time of delivery (Loading port of shipment/ exporter)

Tally and survey of goods will be performed at the period of delivery for all types of cargo, products into containers, on vehicles at the factory, in vessel’s cargo holds in seaport and any warehouse locations. . .

The shipment will also be determined the quantity of goods to be delivered be the shipper (representative of sellers or exporters) at the place of sale (exporting country).




The results of tallying and surveying on shipment at the loading port are proof for the buyer to calculate the amount of goods to be paid to the seller, which is the evidence for the shipping party's representative to sign the receipt and to sign the bill of lading.

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Tallying and surveying services at the time of receipt (Unloading port of Receiver)

At the period of receipt, Tally of goods includes inspection of damaged, loss, and shortage of goods.

Results of tallying and surveying are to determine the quantity and volume (weight) of goods received (in sound, in damaged, non-intact, in contaminated and in swept goods, etc.) for the purposes:

  • As evidence for the buyer to calculate the amount of goods actually received into his warehouse and is the basis for calculating the complaint.

  • As evidence for shipping lines (Ship’s Master on behalf) to sign Cargo of Delivery Report, Cargo Outturn Report.

  • As evidence for the cargo insurer to calculate the extent of loss to compensate for the cargo insured and claim against the shipowner (P&I association).

Tallying and Surveying services at discharging port

How to implement tallying and surveying services and Process?

 AIM Control (AIM Group®) organizes a team of tall men clerk with experience in counting and a Chief of tally leader with experience in monitoring to anti-fraud and reporting results in the process of loading and unloading goods to ensure the correct quantity of goods be delivered and received.

In addition, we also arrange 01 experienced marine surveyor to inspect and prevent damage to the goods and to give consulting and advices to Ship’s Master and the related parties in time.

Tally the quantity and sort by each type of goods.

Check and supervise packaging specifications and materials in accordance with the Packing List, Contracts, and other agreements between the buyer and the seller, shipper and carrier.

Inspection and consulting on safe cargo in handling, stowage and lashing for sea transport (including containers, vessels, barges, Air, road or multimodal transport means.

Confirm the content of label and marking of goods on the packaging such as date of manufacture, batch number, expiry date, ingredients, names of cargo and transport symbols.

  • Risk prevention supervision

  • Monitoring losses (if any)

  • Consulting and preventing complaints to customers

  • Report results by day

  • Certification of goods tally results

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