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UWHC and diving inspection

UWHC and diving inspection

UWHC and diving inspection

UWHC and diving inspection photos camera

UWHC to protect underwater hull and her parts

What are uwhc and diving inspection photos camera (cctv)?

When the vessel’s hull and her parts in water (submerged waterline) to be cleaned and polished in being a lot of the attachment and growth of biological organisms (as shell species, seaweed and accumulation of algae. . .) bio-fouling, caused to a corrosion, impaction and damages to her underwater hull plate and in water steel component parts (Though the coating paint layers of underwater hull is fouling in nowadays)

The tech superintendent and ship-owner as well relation parties (as Charterer) need to require to uwhc together with propeller polishing and diving survey photos camera to protect her underwater hull and her parts from bio-fouling as their responsibility.

It is necessary to physically remove these organisms from vessel bottom, keel line, bow, astern, sea chest, blade, propellers, and her underwater parts periodically.  These actions are known as underwater hull cleaning (UWHC) and are performed by AIM Control’s professional expertise divers who use their hands skill removing fouling organisms from the surface to be cleaned (see video).


Why do you choose AIM Control’s UWHC and diving inspection photos camera & other underwater diving work jobs?

The tech superintendent, ship-owners, charterer and managers, operators always take care her as their family member since she was born (Launch).

On Her parts of above water line are easy to be maintained and superintended because of Technician and Crew can visual, touch, smell and hearing.

On Her parts of under water line (underwater) are difficult to maintain and superintend due to no-visual, no-touch, no-smell and no-hearing and it could not doing until vessel dryed docking.

AIM Control – tech divers can do it for her underwater hull and parts via underwater hull clean requirement of ship-owners, tech superintendent, and concerned parties to protect her underwater hull, propellers, parts in water from bio-fouling and others caused.

Which is AIM Control’s uwhc and diving inspection photos camera work jobs?

  • Protect her hull and all parts, propellers, blades, sea-chests from bio-fouling.

  • AIM Control’s divers and diving equipment always attend and come alongside in time as undertaking and agreement under Port authority’s letter of UWHC on hands and we discuss the safely procedures with the Master.

  • Undamaged, unscratched, un-painted off, . . .to protect all her underwater parts and coating painting without impact to internal her coating and hull’s platting steel structure) because of AIM Control’ underwater working used with primitive tools by diver hands in skill.

  • Period of uwhc is prompt to resume her voyage ASAP because of not only there are many divers mobilized to perform uwhc in time but also equipment.

  • After the entire underwater parts and hull cleaned and propellers polished, all of bio-fouling (from major to minor, from micro-fouling to macro-fouling . . .) will be removed 100%.


AIM Control’s diving inspection / survey (before and after cleaning) with the photos and video are in cleaning and details, Vertical side from bow to astern, from port side to stbd, flat bottom, from water line to keel line, from sea-chests to blades, from others underwater parts to propeller’s parts. Special, coating painting, defects, edge of blades, edge of propellers, approximately corrosion (%) of Zinc anti (Galvanic sacrificial anode (alloys of zinc, magnesium and aluminum. ASTM International) attached to the hull of a ship for cathodic protection and anti corrosion) as well especially result/finish quality of propellers polishing. . .





The underwater works and in water Hull cleaning & Propeller polishing, Camera monitoring (CCTV).

Diving and underwater works


Underwater Diving Photos and Video Camera job

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Underwater Diving Photos and Video Camera job



This is AIM Control Video recording equipment & actions in order to record video before during completion of Hull Cleaning Under water in Vietnam as well as underwater survey / inspection for class.


Classification society in-water CCTV (UWILD) / Visual inspection / survey services in Vietnam, Asia at anchorage, ports and berthing

  • Underwater and Above water line hull cleaning

  • Underwater Propeller Polishing, cutting and trimming

  • Underwater welding, blanking, patching or Plugging

  • Installation of cofferdam and anodes

  • Project management

  • General and deep diving

  • Underwater construction

  • Marine engineering

  • Boat and Yacht chartering 

  • Marine shipping services

  • Underwater marine warranty surveyors and divers

  • Underwater works

  • Underwater services

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