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Vendor Inspection

Vendor Inspection

Vendor Inspection

Vendor Inspection / Representative of Contractor

Vendor inspection, Mechanical Inspectors, Electrical Expediters and Expertise Engineers of AIM Control to providing to Investors, contractors to control the quality, specifications of projects.


Contract Engineer is a service provided by a multidisciplinary team of professionals approved by Investor to assure that the main purchase order concluded between the Investor and General Contractor will meet all required and agreed conditions in terms of:

Contract Engineer performs duties defined in the Contract and always acts in an independent and objective way.

The above described scope of Contract Engineer services provides the Investor with a solution allowing for efficient and complete monitoring of construction works progress by limiting the participation of his own employees to supervision and releasing of payments only.

AIM Control's Vendor Inspection and management

  • Purchase order

  • Assign team

  • Create specification

  • Kickoff meeting

  • Engineering & design

  • Design review and approval

  • Fabrication & Procurement

  • Floor assembly

  • Debug

  • FAT

  • Install SAT

  • Services

AIM Control coordinates the consecutive project stages by reviews, verifications, inspections, testing and approval. And moreover, we help to run the project.

By employing AIM Control as Contract Engineer our customers can feel relieved from many duties and devote their time to more important issues.


Scope of vendor inspection and witness of expediting engineering for the one ABB transformer projects example

  • Material Test

  • Appearance

  • Dimensional

  • NDT

  • Welding

  • Heat Treatment

  • Performance

  • Dismantling

  • Pressure Test

  • Quantity

  • Painting

  • Operation Test

  • Lining/Coating

  • Balancing

  • Mechanical Properties, Facing, Surface

  • Document review

  • Sound Level Test

  • Protection, Marking

  • Sequence Test

  • OLTC test

  • Preparation for Shipment


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