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Rolled Steel Quality Inspection and Certificate

Rolled Steel Quality Inspection and Certificate

Rolled Steel Quality Inspection and Certificate

Rolled Steel Quality Inspection and Certificate

AIM Control offers the rolled steel quality inspection and certificate to control the quality, weight, length and specification from manufacturing to loading and lashing and discharging.

The customers are purchasers, seller, shipper, buyer, ship-owner, charterer, shipping line, carrier, P&I, Rolled steels cargo insurance or underwriters and etc.


The followings are stages of the rolled steel quality inspection and certificate conducted

Documents required

  • Particulars of the consignment intended to be exported

  • Copy of commercial invoice

  • Copy of Letter of Credit

  • Details of packing specifications

  • Copy of the export order/contract, indicating inter alia the buyer’s requirement that goods are strictly according to the prescribed specifications or as per samples.

Rolled steel Manufacturing

AIM Control Inspection Group has performed the audits of suppliers for quality conformances and compliance to standards and required practices.

In-Process Rolled steel Production Inspection

Many quality problems begin at the production sources, the material checking and random on-line inspections will be carried out to minimize the problems and delays in delivery to identify the root causes of rolled steel production defects detected.

Rolled steel pre-delivery inspection (PDI)

To inspection the rolled steel after the packed and before loading.


Pre-loading survey

The inspection of rolled steels physical condition at out-door and port’s yard.

Loading Supervision (LS)

This is the final inspection steps, it consisted of loading inspection and lashing survey on rolled steels will be loaded into containers or cargo holds of ship and also tallying of coils, witness of sealing.

Discharging Survey

  • At the discharging ports, AIM Control also offers the inspection of rolled steels as

  • The rolled steel condition of shipment survey in cargo holds of ship before discharging.

  • The un-lashing (sea fastening) survey

  • The discharging supervision

  • The condition of rolled steels inspection at unloading period

  • The tallying of rolled steel coils quantity

  • Out-turn rolled steel survey

  • Claim and damage survey


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