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Claim investigation

Claim investigation

Claim investigation

Claim investigation

The insured insurer claim investigation in Asia and adjusting requested to carry out in the incident of loss, damage or dispute on goods and property.

AIM Control is behalf of customers to perform the claim inspection and adjusting for the loss adjusting company, the insurers, the underwriter, owner of cargo & the insured, carrier, charterer and others who has many claims all over the world (cargo & hull, export product liability, construction & Erection All Risks....).

We have conducted about 7,000 jobs of the claim surveying in Vietnam, China, Asia in a year with the world-wide clients.


Who is AIM Control?

We are a claim investigators of insurance, have a long relationship with all parties as insurance companies, merchants, carriers, logistics & supply chain, customs offices & government, authorities of seaports, Courts, lawyers. . . . and who understands every detail of laws, regulations, rights and responsibilities of each party.

  • Negotiators, experts and independant claims specialists surveyors.

  • Properly quantify claims to ensure the claim for an accurate and realistic amount.

  • Understanding of how the insurance company claims.

  • Acknowledged an insurance policy and insurance coverage of all risks or other.

  • Expertise & experience investigators in claim of insurance for all of cargo types in Vietnam Asia, global and cause of damage / loss from shipping, trading and its natural and operation.

  • Understanding any behave of the complainant

  • Managing a claim on behalf.

  • You can be trusted to act entirely on your behalf.

  • Identify the full extent of the damage, and all matters relating.

  • Investigate complex or contentious claims on behalf of customer

  • Coordinate customer and loss adjusters, loss assessors, consultant, investigators and inspectors. 

  • Helped million of clients a claim via negotiating and settling.

  • Always doing of services after having your agreed

  • Preparation of the notice of loss / damage to invite carrier and all parties for joint survey / claim surveillance

  • Sending immediately summary report (or site record of results)

  • Identifying, appraisal the losses arising to consult timely for advising to concerned parties aiming prevent furthermore.

  • Support you any time (night & day)

  • AIM Control's office manager and site claim investigator always contact and doing in-time to inform you immediately the problem regarding to goods and others for you and your principal give out the decide on-time.

  • Support on negotiation and salvage.

  • Over 30 experience years in claim survey and incident investigation.

  • Always protect yours and your customer rights.


(the others could not fraud to ours and your client)

AIM Control is the oldest and most respected cargo claims investigator & loss adjuster and recovery specialist. Not only will the claim investigation a full understanding of a policy’s terms and conditions, also be able to accurately expertise on your behalf.


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