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Heavy lifting control surveyor

Heavy lifting control surveyor

Heavy lifting control surveyor

Heavy lifting control

In maritime, AIM Control Inspection Group is expertise to offer the heavy lifting control & survey services to goods as meeting, pre-loading & loading, lashing, unloading, etc.


  • projects of cargo
  • super cargo
  • roro cargo
  • over size cargo
  • overweight cargo
  • offshore & refine cargo
  • gas & oil project cargo
  • lash & boat subject
  • plane & its parts
  • cranes and its accessories
  • army engineering equipment
  • others

In AIM Control’s heavy lifting control & consultant also consisted of operation of loading control on stowage, lashing consulting & keeping and securing, tallying clerk & supervision and for

By the side, we also identify the risks on loading and unloading of heavy lifting to prevent the loss and damage for heavy lift cargo

AIM Control heavy lifting controller also verify the control damage on each packages of heavy lifting project cargo to make the report to client in time and exactly.

To investigate out and hold the responsibilities of party who may cause the damage and loss for heavy lifting goods.

Other hand, AIM Control offers the measurement of packages volume of heavy lifting shipment for calculating freight rates.

The heavy lifting control certification of AIM Control covered at all of locals and positions as:

  • from manufacturing of seller / supplier to loading port
  • loading port to unloading port
  • from unloading port to fields of project.

monitoring of the above ways of transport in circles

AIM Control also provides the Survey of towage approval certificate, cargo goods survey


Expertise heavy lifting control experience

AIM Control’s marine warranty surveyor of heavy lift control will calculate GM of vessel, forces of lashing in vertical and horizon to consult marine ship master, cargo chief mate, . . .for stowing, lashing in suitable for voyage’s safety at sea and truck transported by land.

not only AIM Control’s marine divers of heavy lift control will dive to inspect for underwater of barges, ship, boat before loading but also to tie wire, insert wire, rope for loading.


Heavy lifting control key personnel

AIM Control conducted jobs of heavy lifting controlling expertise over 30 years under professional actions of loading master, port Capt., expertise and experience marine surveyors to ensure safety of heavy lift goods.

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AIM Control’s heavy lifting control aims to protect the ultimate benefit of our customers.

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