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Loading survey

Loading survey

Loading survey

Loading survey and tallying, quanlity control and certification services

Loading survey is to verify the shipment quality and quantity in accordance with trade & shipping contracts and safety for transportation and to certificate

AIM Control offers loading control is to identify not only a shipment quality and specification but also inspection of packages, marking & label, survey and surveillance of actual apparent condition of cargo, tallying of cargo on quantity, measurement of cargo weight, monitoring of loading, control handling stow, supervision dunnage and lashing and other verification for all of cargo type.


Purpose of AIM Control's loading survey

  • To be sure the weight & quality of the goods are the same as in the sales contract.

  • To be sure the quantity and condition of goods are the same as in the contract of carriage.

  • To ensure that the goods are packed and labeled according to delivery and shipping standards.

  • To make sure that the shipment is loaded and tied securely according to the safe for shipping.

  • And to make sure the goods are delivered according to the other requirements of the customer.

AIM Control always arranges the team of marine surveyors, cargo inspectors and maritime consultant & experts to perform the loading control services in suitable with each cargo type.


The loading surveyors of AIM Control, who have always been honest and independent and has more than 20 years of experience in maritime shipping and performing loading inspection works at all of ports and local places. Contact 

Place of AIM Control's loading surveillance services: - at the supplier’s premises and warehouse, seller’s factories, manufactories, place of shipment loading/ stuffing into containers, ports of shipment loading, on board of marine vessels, ships.

Time of AIM Control's loading supervision services: before/after and at the time of loading/ stuffing.

Main scope of AIM Control's loading survey services, namely:

  • AIM Control’s pre-loading survey services. (prior & during loading/stuffing shipment into ship’s holds, on deck on actual apparent condition)

  • AIM Control’s pre-shipment inspection services (before/after & during loading/stuffing shipment into containers on quality specifications & packing, label)

  • AIM Control’s loading monitoring.(upon loading/stuffing shipment into ship’s holds, on deck, handling, stowage and securing, moisture, humidity, weather, broken, defects,. . .)

  • AIM Control’s tally of cargo (on quantity)

  • AIM Control’s weighing control (on weight in net and gross)

  • AIM Control’s sizes and volume measurement.

  • Client's other requirement and consultancy.

  • Report and certificate.


The photos and videos are AIM Control's survey of loading evidences at the sites: 

Loading inspection of cargo into container:

Loading verification of cargo into ship/ vessel:

Loading securing control of special cargo as steel project & heavy lifting:

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