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Consumer Goods inspection / Foodstuff Products Inspection /Commodity Inspection Services

AIM Control Company specializes in providing inspection and verification services for Consumer goods, consumer products, furniture and electronics to toys, cosmetics, textiles, footwear and many other products, for manufacturers for producing, seller, distribution, importer and exporter, government. . .

  • How to identify critical product defects?

  • How to ensure the quality of products produced (in line) in accordance with the standard samples

  • How to control whether the product is marketed or distributed?

  • How to meet the production of ordered purchase of products?

Why choose AIM Consumer Goods inspection / Foodstuff Products Inspection /Commodity Inspection Services?

  • Audit of organization of fabrication

  • Pre-production inspection (design check, material identification, production level evaluation, first product control ...)

  • Inspection in the production process (check processing stages, identify manufacturing process errors, product defects, quality assessments ...)

  • Factory’s output inspection (product output inspection, error identification and product defects, quality evaluation, packaging control, appearance 100% or AQL ...)

  • Supervision of delivery (check quantity, packing specifications, safety loading, suitable for shipping...)

  • Sampling, Testing, Experiment

  • Certification

  • Other

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Consumer Goods inspection / Foodstuff Products Inspection /Commodity Inspection Services

Product Inspection

Product Inspection

Product Inspection vs CertificationProduct Inspection and Quality Control Certification services of AIM Control Inspection Group covered on all of Products on weight, quantity, quality and packing as well product's others to complete supply chain of a product and involve visual evaluation of statistically selected product samples, a specification testing and quality analysis, to product package, product load, product export, product import, product discharging/ ...

Commodity inspection

Commodity inspection

Commodity inspectionCommodity inspection meaning is descriptive scope of inspection basing on terms in commodity agreement signed between buyers and sellers and to meet with the international commodity regulation and rules.A commodity is a raw material or primary agricultural sugars, cotton, vegetable oils, pulses, copper, crude oil, wheat, coffee beans and gold.The commodity is inspected at a seller’s commodity warehouse (prior to shipment), during shipping and a receiver’s commodity ...

Claim inspections for goods

Claim inspections for goods

Claim inspections for goods / cargo / shipment in purchasing and shippingThere are typically claim inspections for goods; one of claim inspection used to pre-shipment at exporting and another is claim investigation for loss/damage at destination.The warranty claim inspectors, loss adjusters and cargo controllers of AIM Control Inspection Group who handle immediately at place of incident for the both of claim inspections for goods and others to customers.We also the claim surveyors and the ...