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Cargo inspect

Cargo inspect

Cargo inspect

Cargo inspect

AIM Control offering both of cargo inspect services and certification for Quality and Quantity of cargo exported and cargo survey and report jobs for extent of damage and root cause of cargo imported.

AIM surveyors and experts ensure the our cargo inspections are accurate, honest, independent and in time.


AIM Control is international leader in providing independent cargo inspectors and cargo surveyors, cargo experts as well cargo investigators to carry out various cargo inspection which are inspections, verifications, samples & testing, analyses of cargos and certificates for commodities in International Trade aiming to protect value of cargo products, minimizing risk in cargo storage and cargo shipping, cargo loss prevention as third party cargo inspection.

What is AIM Controls cargo inspect?

As an buy/sale agreement in international trade (or domestic) is signed, however the process of implementation of the sale and buy contract must go through a period of stages of production, packaging, delivery, transportation to shipping, ... should always potential risks. Therefore, Not only prevention of commercial fraud, defect of cargo, ... But also there are many others risks through several forwarding, handling, transport, etc. until this cargo to destination for consumption.


Exporting: Cargo inspections are to verify the specification of cargo accordance with standards on quality and precision of quantity and weight, packing, marking and its function for exporting of goods.

Importing: Cargo surveillance is to survey and investigate the entire aspect of cargo on quality,  quantity and weight, packing & marking and others again at destination and/or if loss / damage, will be surveyed in joint to certify on cause and extent of damage and loss for importing of goods.

Details of Cargo surveys / inspects services

The cargo inspect of exporting

After fabrication or production of your order is complete, independent inspectors/ surveyors and experts of will visit your supplier and provide a final cargo inspection as well as loading supervision. During these cargo inspection phase, order details are appraised/ assessed/ audited/ verified / surveyed / witnessed/ tested/ measured / weighed/ tallied . . .to check the inclusion of goods/check materials/ check specification of  and to check if packing and marking are appropriate and inspection certification.

What is the difference between genuine and counterfeit AIM Expert's cargo inspect


The purpose and benefit of AIM Control's inspection of exporting is to ensure the cargo not only is to meet with the requirement and P.O. but also safety shipping from exported country places to import country. AIM Control's cargo inspection certification is certificated for banking payment and used others.  The importance of AIM Control cargo inspections are verify your goods in genuine!

AIM Control’s global network of laboratories and certification facilities, we can offer you a full range of all of type cargo inspection services. 40 years of inspection services experience done by AIM Control’s professional inspectors and surveyor and a lot of inspection reports issued, we are truly leaders

With other purposes: for signature of B/L & releasing of L/C, for shipping, for insurance,. . .


Why you need a Cargo Inspect/ Survey recommends cargo inspecting to ensure the following conditions:

  • quality of cargo inspected to secure and assure appropriately as your requirement and specification (excluding defects)
  • quantity and weight of cargo inspected to secure and assure appropriately as P.O, B/L, PL, Invoice.
  • packing cargo inspected to appropriate shipping and markets;
  • documents of shipment checked to ensure as results of inspection;
  • loading of cargo inspected and supervised to acknowledge latent risks, unsafely of lashing and securing.
  • cargo tally services are to acknowledge the accurate quantity and weight of cargo.
  • cargo damaged survey is to find the root causes of cargo damaged (if arising) and and calculated the extent of damages.

Reservation details can send cargo inspectors to the factory of your choice for cargo control within 48 hours after booking. We guarantee daily feedback and provide a cost effective, high quality cargo inspection service by our team.  Our cargo inspectors will check, count, review quality with required specifications, ensures accurate labeling and secure packing.

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The cargo survey of importing

While cargo of importing is at destination as discharging ports, consignee warehouse, inspectors/ surveyors and experts of AIM Control will visit receipt of cargo places to conduct discharging of cargo supervision, tally of cargo, loss prevention, a discharging damage cargo survey as well as unloading outturn inspection.

The purpose of AIM Control's cargo survey of importing services are to ensure not only reduce of risks to cargo, loss prevention but also survey the root cause of loss, investigate of damage and shortage causes and estimate on extent of damage, calculating the damaged quantity, quality and claim amount, salvage and recovery,  AIM Control's cargo damage report is certification for compensation and used others.

For other purposes: for Government of importer, classification, outurn report, claim and dispute, for responsibility of indemnity, . . .

  • Inspection of import goods for Customs of imported Government
  • Sea un-fastening survey
  • Discharging survey (loss prevention of cargo)
  • Damaged cargo survey


Type of cargo inspected by AIM Control

  • Various others of cargo
  • Various others of products
  • Various others of commodities
  • Various others of goods

The followings are cargoes inspection of at the site of factory after cargo is Glover after production completed.


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The followings are AIM Control's rice quality & rice weight inspections at the rice supplier's warehouse and premises of Western Provinces, Vietnam and bagged rice tally, loaded rice supervision during loading on board of the vessel's holds at Sai Gon port, Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.




Benefits of AIM Control's cargo inspect

For Government

  • Control the issues of food safety, product quality ...
  • Determine the specifications, quality and quality of the goods comply with the regulations and standards issued.

For Purchasers/ Merchandiser and Businesses

  • Make surely the volume and the actual number (or other criteria) of goods,
  • Timely reaction and protect the interests of the business when the incident, or the dispute in the process of buying and selling ...
  • Results of the goods inspection from the independent third party that can be used to support work actively for sale, buy, purchase and merchandise.

For claimers and disputers, marine insurances and cargo underwriters, P&I clubs and ship-owners or cargo carriers

  • Control the quality, weight and sound of cargo and safety in shipping.
  • The roots of damage and loss, extent of damage /loss and others and prevention of risks in the future 


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