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Cargo inspection benefit

Cargo inspection benefit

Cargo inspection benefit

Cargo inspection benefit

We deliver the best cargo inspections in each the country in honesty, integrity and excellent service to customers – buying or selling a cargo to create as most as possible of cargo inspection benefit for you.

Did you recognize that 90% of those who ever experienced sales and purchase of goods in international trade having to spend more costs, but their rights could be not solved on due to no aware of the types of cargo inspection, the relevant certification services and benefits of goods expertise. With the cargo inspections and their cargo inspection benefits of AIM providing, we help you handling these problems. Especially rate of profit increased very high.

AIM cargo inspection benefit and certification consisted of (but unlimited)


Cargo survey and cargo inspection benefit for receiver and consignee and buyer (Importers)

  1. Minimize risk
  2. Avoid expensive re-inspection
  3. Enhance your customers’ confidence
  4. Reduce costs and improve acceptance of goods internationally
  5. Ensure the shipment is safeguarded in shipping (against damage and/or loss of the goods)
  6. Against to the commercial fraud
  7. And one of the many other benefits following.


Quality control and cargo inspection benefit & certification for supplier and factory, sellers (exporters)

  1. Encourages quality consciousness
  2. Allows for implementation of corrective actions
  3. Satisfaction of consumers
  4. Reduction in production cost
  5. Most effective utilisation of resources
  6. Reduction of inspection costs
  7. Increased goodwill
  8. Stimulate creative thinking of employees
  9. Improved employer-employee relations
  10. Improved techniques and methods of production
  11. Effective advertisement (PR, marketing)
  12. Facilitates price fixation
  13. Increased sales
  14. Dismiss the complaint


Loss survey/investigation and damage cargo inspection benefit for carrier and insurer (third party of others)

  1. Prevention accidents of theft, insurance claim fraud occurred during the local transportation
  2. Prevention of shortage of cargo, loss of the goods, accidents & incident at the point of delivery (place of loading goods into containers, loading port)
  3. Prevention incident and accident in ocean shipping and multimodal transportation of others.
  4. Prevention accidents at the terminals
  5. Prevention of loss and damage (claim and dispute)
  6. Prevention of shortage of cargo
  7. Prevention risks
  8. Classification of the quantity of commodities in sound, weight of cargo in torn, cargo in sweeping.
  9. Recognized the amount shortage of goods (vs. B/L), the extent of damage to the goods, causes of damage / loss and value of goods sold rescue (the salvage value)
  10. Recognized the responsibility, liability on indemnity and compensation belongs to who.

And the other cargo inspection benefit for Customs, Government authorities and Associations, Consumers . . .

AIM Control is providing certification of goods services, inspection of goods in Vietnam and other countries around the world since 1993. Daily, we regularly performed inspection of cargo services in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau, Can Tho, Da Nang, Nha Trang provinces and at all abroad of local Asia, EU., UAE, Global.


AIM Control is providing an independent inspection of cargo in accurate and honest. For each different type of goods (or each scope of cargo inspection), we have cargo inspectors and cargo surveyors in depth experience for the right kind of the merchandise goods and their thinking like our CEO.

Safety – Confidence – Community & Environment - Cost Saving


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